Luis Arevalo-Trejo from Redeemers Group

Title: Installer

Luis Arevalo-Trejo from Redeemers Group

Meet Luis Arevalo-Trejo, one of our installers and crew members!! Luis is from Memphis and decided to join our team because he likes to work and get ahead! When he’s not at work you can find him spending time with his family. A few of his favorite things include working, dancing, and cooking!!

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Moldy, Dirty, Crawlspace Encapsulation in East Memphis
    Moldy, Dirty, Crawlspace Encapsulation in East Memphis

    After Tracey Y. noticed the steel plate, which her back porch sits upon, had been settling, she decided to give Redeemers Group a call. After a thorough inspection had been completed, the inspector noticed that the front left and back right corners of the house were also settling, with the concrete under the porch settling as well. Redeemers Group was more than happy to help, and decided the best plan of action would be to encapsulate the dirty, moldy, basement, then complete the foundation work. As seen in these before and after pictures, the crawlspace under the settling house was pretty rough; it even had mold! The encapsulation was completed first, not only ito insure that the foundation work could be completed in a safe enviornment, but also so that the homeowner would no longer have to deal with a moldy, incomplete crawlspace!! 

  • Beautifying Basements with Dylan and Luis
    Beautifying Basements with Dylan and Luis

    Located in the Central Gardens district of Memphis, TN, the Redeemers Group worked on what we term “Basements to Beautiful”, an inorganic solution to insulating and finishing basement walls.  Basement To Beautiful™ Basement Wall Panels are the superior choice for a dry, energy-efficient basement. At 2 ½" thick and R-13 insulation, Basement To Beautiful™ panels create a warm, protective blanket around the basement that will never rot or support mold growth.

  • CleanSpace and Crawlspace Door Installation in Memphis
    CleanSpace and Crawlspace Door Installation in Memphis

    Local Memphis residents, Theresa and Albert W. called the Redeemers Group when they noticed problems in their crawlspace were affecting other aspects of their home. Redeemers did a thorough inspection and decided the best plan of action was to encapsulate the crawlspace with the CleanSpace lining and technology and close the crawlspace with a new crawlspace door.  As seen in the before pictures, this crawlspace was just unfinished and dirty. In the after pictures, the crawlspace had been completely encapsulated and clean. Not only does a crawlspace encapsulation allow for a safe, clean, and easily accessible crawlspace, but it also provides a protection against outside environments, as well as providing insulation during the summer and winter seasons!

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