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Shane Garrett from Redeemers Group

Meet our Poly Team Leader Shane Garrett!!

Shane is from Jacksonville, Florida, and brings his experience in electrical construction, elevator mods, and elevator construction and service to our team! He decided to join our team because of the idea of business success was strong with Redeemers. Shane is passionate about firefighting and anything he’s doing because he doesn’t like to fail. When he’s not at work, you can find him driving the town with his dog, going to the movies, or grilling! A handful of Shane’s favorites include dogs, horses, movies, wings, pizza, and burgers!

from customers I've helped!
  • "The entire process from the estimate to the completed job was a true pleasure. No pressure, just the facts..." Read Full Testimonial

    Russell L. of Millington, TN

    Customer Testimonial

              The entire process from the estimate to the completed job was a true pleasure. No pressure, just the facts. Shane and Oliver were on time and worked quickly leveling my walkway. They were professional and the job was amazing. 5 stars from me to the both of them. Great job guys. I am very pleased.
    Russell L.
    Millington, TN
Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Nexus Pro Injection with Shane and Courtney
    Nexus Pro Injection with Shane and Courtney

    Nexus Pro Injection with Shane and Courtney

    This Nexus Pro injection was done on the outside edges of a pool in Piperton, TN. The pool was surrounded by masonry stone, which then had a small joint space before it met the concrete slabs of the patio. This joint space was previously filled with sub-par joint sealant (as seen in the "Before" shot). The homeowners asked the Redeemers to correct the previous joint sealant, to which we injected Nexus Pro, leaving their pool and patio flawless (as seen in the after shot)!!!  

  • Polylevel on Collierville sidewalk
    Polylevel on Collierville sidewalk

    Polylevel on Collierville sidewalk

    Shane, Courtney, and Buford took on this PolyLEVEL job for a front walkway in Collierville, TN! The homeowner began to realize the front sidewalk and walkway leading to her house was not only settling but was also creating a trip hazard for her neighbors. The Redeemers were able to complete her project, leaving her sidewalk level once again, almost as if it was brand new!! As seen in the before pictures, the biggest settling came from the very first piece of concrete, which had settled at least an inch or two. The Redeemers were able to inject our Polylevel technology and raise the concrete slab back up to the original position! 

  • PolyLEVEL in Millington, TN
    PolyLEVEL in Millington, TN

    PolyLEVEL in Millington, TN

    Team leader Dalton Cole with his crew member Shane Garrett completed a significantly noticeable PolyLEVEL injection in Millington, TN. As seen in the before pictures, the concrete slab by the pool had sunk inches below the attached base concrete slab. After the injection was completed, both concrete slabs once again became level through our PolyLEVEL technology, as seen in the after pictures!

  • New Looking Concrete after NexusPro Injection
    New Looking Concrete after NexusPro Injection

    New Looking Concrete after NexusPro Injection

    Foreman Shane Garrett and his team completed this INCREDIBLE Nexus before and after on this home’s driveway!! The house sits upon a hill, with a major incline as a driveway. Constant rains, cold, icy winters, and dry, hot summers with constant sun exposure have caused wear and tear to the concrete over the years. It was definitely time for a face lift!! Shane and his team came out, Nexus guns blazing, and were able to give the homeowners that facelift the driveway needed!! Take a look at these cool before and after pictures!!

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