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We believe fulfilling work creates fulfilling lives, and we want employees to have both.

We bestow the gift of high expectations on people, but with the love and belief that they can accomplish what they didn't think they could before. We want people to do the work they love, in an environment they're happy in and have the chance to grow.


We believe customer experiences must be remarkable.

We believe the bar for an exceptional customer experience can be set so high that mediocrity in the contracting world is simply no longer accepted or tolerated. We use this perspective in all the work we do.

What Our Employees Think

Morgan Noe

Accounting Assistant

If you are thinking about applying and working with Redeemers Group, the very first thing I would make anyone aware of is that we are a family. At a lot of places, people would just consider a place to receive a paycheck, but everyone here is super passionate in what they do. We not only care what is best for the customer but we care about each other just as much!

Meagan Apang


When you work here, you get to change lives and have a fun time along the way! We love each other and we love our jobs. It's everything you could want from a company! It's made up of a team of excellent people. That's what makes working here so extraordinary.

Nicole Thomas

Customer Care Specialist

This is a place where people matter. Not just the customers, which of course do, so much. But also the employees. Individualism is celebrated and encouraged. As I was driving in today I was thinking just that... [I] love how I get to be completely totally who I am. Love the culture here. It's fun and family and intentional and awesome. Such talented and kind people who shine when allowed to do so. Astounding and unexpected. Ridiculous authenticity for real!

Juan Silvestre

Senior Team Leader

What I love about working at Redeemers Group is the people: the employees. They make it all feel like a big family, not only the employees, but the customers that I get to meet every day I love to chat with them a lot. I love to hear about their life, they like to hear about my life, but most importantly, redefining the customers experience in doing so given them the best results, the best customer experience.

Chet Wellborn

Team Leader

Working at Redeemers Group is not like working at any other company. The leadership is transparent about our goals, our mission, and our standards. They guide and care for each employee to become the best they can in their growth professionally and personally. I am surrounded by passionate, driven, and kind hearted people who love what they do.

Diane Long

Customer Care Manager

Working at Redeemers Group is a unique experience. Sure, it has the day to day challenges that come with juggling schedules, pivoting due to weather, and making sure each customer has a stellar experience. The difference at Redeemers Group is that we have a solid team of people who jump in to help you through any scenario. There's no problem too big or small to take to a peer or another department where they won't offer you immediate, genuine support. Protecting families' investments through foundation and concrete repair is valuable. Working with dedicated teammates who are committed to redefining the contractor industry makes it not only unique but something to celebrate.

Natalie Scott

Executive Assistant

Redeemers Group employees create an atmosphere where everyone has room to be their rigorously authentic self! I walk into work every day being excited about seeing my teammates. We have a team of unique, talented, and passionate people. My favorite things about working at Redeemers Group: the people, the office puppies, and the coffee machine (just kidding.. but we do have a really great coffee machine.)

Jay Gotay

Customer Care Specialist

Redeemers Group has given me a platform to stand on, from which I am empowered to be myself, to speak and be heard and feel included in the work family environment that is established here. I have never worked for a company that has shown me the level of care and respect that everyone deserves regardless of position/rank. You truly feel like an equal here and you are treated as an adult, something that is sad to have to highlight due to other workplaces lacking to do just that. Redeemers Group respects work and life balance and you can feel their genuine care everyday. This truly is a great place to be and I count myself lucky to have been selected to be a part of their family. P.S. The chicken wars are epic!

Stephen Kline

Account Manager

Redeemers Group is the most honest, kind, and fun company I have ever worked with, filled with some of the most authentic and loving folks I have ever met. RG encourages you to be your authentic self, and have personally helped me grow as a professional and as a human being.

Dalton Cole

Team Leader

My professional development while at Redeemers Group has flourished I feel like. I have held many hats in my years and seen things that have developed me into who I am today. It has taken me places I otherwise would have never visited in my lifetime.
What makes me proud to be here? The camaraderie, the one team mentality, the humor, getting to show up to customers houses and protect their biggest investment. If you are looking for a place to work, that is authentic, that has great pay, and a good work life balance look no further, this is the place for you.

Cameron Hubanks

System Design Specialist

I began working at Redeemers Group in March 2024 and have felt welcomed from day 1. Everyone wants to see you succeed and will go out of their way to offer assistance. For the first time in my career, I can honestly say I look forward to Monday mornings because of our full staff weekly meeting. There are many different positions that work in various locations throughout the week at Redeemers Group, so it's great to interact with everyone before starting the week. The management team invests in you, provides the necessary training to thrive in your position and maintains ongoing support to ensure success. I'd recommend Redeemers Group to anyone looking for career change to a company that values you as a team member and wants to see you thrive personally as well as professionally.

Wade Phillips

System Design Specialist

The Redeemers Group welcomes you into their team as family from the minute you accept the position. They sincerely strive for your success and give you the hands on training to achieve it. Every day, as a System Design Specialist, I head out to my appointments knowing that I'm part of something bigger. What sets us apart is our shared passion for redefining our industry. It's incredibly fulfilling to work alongside individuals who truly believe in the importance of what we do. This sense of purpose makes every interaction, every project, more meaningful. Plus, it's a blast! When you're genuinely invested in our mission and purpose, it's not just a job - it's a calling.

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Benefits Package

Comprehensive and high-quality health plans

Our packages include Dental, Vision, Mental Heath and more!

Earned Time Off

Flexible hours are added every check, so you can choose to spend your paid time off when and how you want to!

401k Matching and Investment Options

We offer 401k matches up to 5%. Plus, gain access to a financial advisor whenever you need help planning for your future.

Ridiculously Fun Work Environment

When we say humor is a core value for us, we meant it. Join us for regular hide-and-seek matches around the office to blow off steam, regular use of FLARP, treat-trains and more!

Casual Company Dress Code

Forget suits and ties. We were founded on the principle of never being forced to wear anything more formal than jeans and a t-shirt.

Investment in your Personal and Professional Growth

Our employees are happiest when they are growing! We offer programs and ongoing paid training so you can advance personally and professionally.

Giving Back & Doing What's Right by our Community

We understand we must give back more than we take. Learn about our Love Well Initiative for loving Memphis well.


This core value is so important to us! It means we are doing our best daily to build each other up, and help our fellow workers achieve their greatest success.

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As a Brand Ambassador for Redeemers group - a local foundation repair, concrete repair, and waterproofing company - you will help to redefine the construction industry by representing us at home shows and other events.

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