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Clint Cooper talks growth, employees, and delivering on promises with the Memphis Business Journal

As featured by the Memphis Business Journal: http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2016/08/26/mbj-pacesetters-fastest-5-redeemers-group-inc.html?ana=e_ph_prem&u=QGyMMhkJsXbRvtVv2rKPpw08671595&t=1472220379&j=75564352



2016 Pacesetters

Redeemers Group Inc.
Revenue growth, 2013-2015: 135.8 percent
Top local official:
Clint Cooper, Owner

3351 Millbranch Road


Year founded locally: 2007
Full-time employees: 27  (as of July 2016)
Part-time employees:2

What does your company do? Redeemers Group offers residential and commercial foundation repair, basement waterproofing, crawl space repair and encapsulation, mold prevention and concrete leveling. Though headquartered in Memphis, we serve a large territory that extends to Little Rock; Jackson, Tennessee; Jackson, Mississippi; and the Bootheel of Missouri.

What’s your company’s biggest accomplishment during the past year? Our greatest accomplishment would be managing the rate of growth that we have while continuing to maintain the highest standards of execution on the repairs and solutions we provide.

Have you added employees in the past year? We ended 2014 with 12 employees and ended 2015 with 24 employees. As of July 2016, we have 27 employees and two part-time employees, and we anticipate ending 2016 with 30-32 employees. Our appointment center, production team and sales team account for a majority of the growth. As demand has increased, we have strategically added positions to best support what it takes to deliver the results that we promise.

Have you expanded your facility? From the end of 2007 until January 2015, we operated out of 1,400 square feet, before we relocated operations to a 15,000- square-foot facility. Our need for space continues to grow for many reasons. The new facility allows us to have a proper warehouse for materials, space to house our growing fleet of company trucks, space for the number of employees we have based on-site during the day, room for proper training room facilities and more. We are expanding to have a second office near Benton, Arkansas.

Have you added products or services? The products that we use deliver permanent solutions; the processes used to install them are consistently being upgraded as needed by the team of engineers who are behind what we do. In August 2014, we added concrete leveling to our menu of services, specifically, the PolyLevel product. In 2015, Clint Cooper personally developed a patent-pending product known as The Joist Assist Bracket. It was brought to production by Foundation Supportworks Inc. and is used by our entire network of dealers.

What was the best business decision made for your business in the past five years? The best decision made was for Cooper to step out of the day-to-day duties such as sales, production and marketing and hire a leadership team to effectively build and run those departments. This greatly impacted not only how efficiently those areas of the business run, but it allowed him to work on the business from a higher perspective.

What makes your business an attractive place for employees to work? There are two major things that make this an attractive place to work. The first is that, because of our fast pace of growth, the chance is there for our employees to have personal growth. New positions will continue to be added, our people are constantly being trained and cross-trained to learn multiple areas of the business and it gives them the opportunity to see advancements that are within their reach. The second is that every voice matters. The input we receive from each of our team members is valued and considered as we continually evolve to do better and be better.

Do you have more business in the first half of 2016 versus the first half of 2015?In August 2016, we should surpass our total yearly sales from all of 2015.

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