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Extreme Concrete Repair in Bartlett, TN

Jennifer C. of Bartlett, TN had just purchased a new home.  She was worried about the concrete driveway because of the severe damage and voids underneath.  She wanted to to repair it, but also be sure that it would be safe for years to come. She called Redeemers Group.

Concrete repair specialist Dante went out to Bartlett to inspect the driveway.  He was able to design a permanent solution for Jennifer that would ease her worries.  She was excited about the solution and the work was set to begin.

Brennan, our concrete repair expert was tasked with this project.  He used or 3 Part Protection system to lift, level, and protect the concrete.  The first part of our 3 Part Protection process is the PolyLevelTM concrete injection system. This will lift and level the concrete back into it's original position. Next is our NexusProTM joint and crack sealant. This will divert water and keep it from penetrating beneath the concrete to erode the soil.  Lastly, our SealantProTM concrete sealant. This seals the concrete and stops water damage in its tracks.

As you can see, the results are amazing.  If you need help with your concrete, call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection!

Amazing Sidewalk Repair in Bartlett, TN

Paulette F. of Bartlett, TN was very concerned about her concrete sidewalk.  Especially in one section which had sunk about 3 inches and had now become a major tripping hazard.  She frequently has packages delivered and did not want to risk injury to them or to any of her family members.  Concrete repair experts Dalton and Javier tackled this project. They used our PolyLevelTM Concrete Injection System to lift and level the sidewalk.  They were able to eliminate the tripping hazard completely. They also sealed all the joints with NexusProTM joint sealant.  This will divert water from intruding beneath the concrete to cause more damage.  Paulette was thrilled with the results.  She could finally stop worrying about the sidewalk and focus on her beautiful plants snd landscaping.


If you need help with your concrete, call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection!

Large Horizontal Crack

Horizontal crack in brick wall caused by foundation failure. Crack was able to be fixed by having Push Piers installed to help stabilize the home. 

Window Frame separating from wall

The window was slowly detaching from the brick wall, this was caused by foundation issues. Both Push Piers and the Poly-Level system helped level the home and bring it back to its original state. 

Rotted Crawl Space in Adamsville, TN

Ed. J. of Adamsville, TN was having real moisture issues in his crawl space.  The moisture was so bad it began to rot the wood joists.  Moisture is very harmful to a crawl space and to the home itself.  Moisture causes mold and mildew.  Those can permeate the air inside the home and cause hazardous breathing conditions.  Luckily, Redeemers Group can replace rotted wood when fixing crawl space foundations.  Wood can also be treated with our LumberKote sealant to prevent future damage.  Replacing Ed's wood was only a part of the solution to his crawl space problems, but this is a prime example of the damage moisture can cause.  If you are experiencing crawl space troubles, call or click now for a free inspection!

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