Case Studies

Slab Foundation Failure: Tupelo, MS
Client had several issues that needed to be addressed with this slab foundation home. As seen in the photos, client had noticed many different cracks on the brick...
Dirty Crawl Space in Brighton, TN
This customer had started noticing that mold was forming inside his home. They were sure that the pests were coming from their crawl space. The crawl space also need a secured...
PolyLEVEL Project in Atoka, TN
Floors that are not level can cause many issues within the home and make the space uncomfortable to live in. This particular customers was unfortunately dealing with this...
Waterproofing in Eads, TN
This customer was having issues with water leaking into the basement. Water was causing significant damage to the floor (as shown in image). The water was producing...
Significant foundation failure with multiple roadblocks to achieving the de...
  BACKGROUND:  This is a 2 story home with a fully finished basement.  About 8 feet past the front door below the slab was a load bearing wall that ran the...
Crawlspace issues in Arlington,TN
Client complained of odors in the house. Upon inspection of the crawl space, System Design Specialist, Wyatt Burford, found several problems. A plastic vapor barrier had put...
We Will Do It Right The First Time!
This case in Lakeland, TN is a great example of how no job is too big for the Redeemers Group team. The foundation failure was so extensive at this home that the brick had...
Basement & Garage repair in Etta, MS
This Etta, MS residence was in need of waterproofing for their basement and garage. They also had some cracks located in the basement that needed to be fixed. The water was...
Piering and PolyLEVEL project in Munford, TN
Having foundation problems can cause many issues with the home. For these particular residents, it was causing some areas of the home to separate from the foundation. The...
Potts Camp foundation failure
This beautiful Potts Camp, Mississippi home was built in 1894. Despite its beauty, the home was having some serious foundation issues, and the homeowners didn't quite know...
Crowded Crawl Space in Millington, TN
This crawlspace in Millington needed our help. The crawlspace was crowded, and the north side of the house was settled. Having a crawlspace that is crowded can have detrimental...
Push Pier Project in Drummonds, TN
This house was having serious foundation issues. The images show several cracks in the walls and you can also see areas of the home that have separated from...
Crawl space rescue: moisture ruining new hardwood floors
The homeowners underwent a huge home remodel project in November 2013. When the ceramic tile flooring was pulled up, mold was found on the underside of the tile. Given the...
Retaining wall failure in Germantown, TN
The customer reached out to us, because at the back of his property was a retaining wall that ran the entire length of the property. The other side of the wall was the roughly...
Total Case Studies: 34

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