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Crawl Space Transformation in Burnsville, MS

Mr. Rick I., of Burnsville, MS was having problems with his crawl space.  He was noticing bouncy floors and other problems related to foundation settlement. He want to do everything they can do to protect his home from future damage.  After researching, he found Redeemers Group.

Crawl space specialist Antonio went out to Burnsville to inspect, and then design a permanent solution for Rick.  Antonio noticed rot and broken joists due to moisture.  He quickly understood that they needed not only support and stabilization, but also protection from water and moisture.  Rick agreed and the work was scheduled.

Juan, one of our crawl space experts, took his crew to Burnsville to get started.  The first mission was to stabilize with our SmartJacksTM  system.  Our LumberKoteTM was sprayed on all wood to waterproof and protect it from future damage.  After that, they installed our CleanSpaceTM vapor barrier system.  This protects from water permeating through the floor and walls.  Then they installed our SmartSumpTM to rid the crawl space of any water that might get in. Finally, our SaniDry SedonaTM dehumidifier was installed to control moisture in the air and improve the overall quality of the air.

Rick and his wife loved the results.  They were relieved knowing that their home was protected and would be for the rest of their lives.  Our customers are what matter to us most and we are proud to deliver remarkable experiences!  If you are having crawl space problems, or need basement waterproofing, call or click NOW for a free, no obligation inspection!

Crawl Space Jacks in Burnsville, MS

Over time, water and moisture can take its toll on the wood in your crawl space.  If you have rotted joists and damaged wood in your crawl space, it could be very dangerous.  It is important to fully support the joists so that your home is stable.  We can repair the wood in your crawl space, and our SmartJacksTM system can provide that needed support.  Our crawl space encapsulation system protects from future damage cased by water and moisture.  If you are experiencing crawl space problems, or need basement waterproofing, call or click now!

Sunken and cracked concrete pool deck repaired in Selmer TN!

This customer's beautiful pool area was marred with large cracks and sinking slabs all along their pool deck.

With a steady application of PolyLevel, an injectable foam strong enough to raise concrete, Redeemers Group, a local concrete repair company, was able to life every slab back into place. Then we sealed the joints and cracks to made sure water did not get under the slabs and cause them to sink or crack again!

Floors lifted in Selmer, TN

Kenneth S. of Selmer, TN was having trouble with his home.  His uneven floors have bothered him for years and they had begun to get worse. Kenneth and his wife are getting up in age and really need to address this as it has now become a safety concern. He called Redeemers Group.

Our inspector was able to go into the crawl space and discover the problem.  The floors had dropped due to over-span of the joists and there was only one main beam running through the center of the home.  Equipped with this knowledge, he was able to design a permanent solution.

Brayhan, our foundation expert, installed our SmartJacksTM crawl space support jacks under the home. This system provides permanent stability to the home and also lifted the floors back into place.  Brayhan applied our LumberKoteTM wood sealant to all the wood in the crawl space.  This would insure that moisture would not cause further damage.

Kenneth was thrilled with the results.  He finally had the peace of mind knowing that his floors were level and his home was permanently stable.

If you need help with your foundation, crawl space, basement, or concrete; call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection.


Piering Project in Corinth Mississippi Cures Cracks in Brick Wall

Our Piering crew not only stabilized the structure, but also closed this crack in this outside brick wall in Corinth Mississippi.

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