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Hot, humid, or coastal climates create an extreme environment in your crawl space, causing major problems for homeowners and expensive damages. LumberKote™ is the first Non-Toxic, V.O.C. Free, Crawl Space Framing & Subfloor Polymer Sealer specifically designed to protect your structural framing and subfloor system from moisture related issues like mold, fungus, deterioration, and rot.

The sealer forms a tough, durable micro-film and once dry, protects your crawl space framing and subfloor from excessive moisture, wood destroying mold, and fungus.

Click below to learn more about our crawl space moisture control solution. We offer free crawl space repair estimates in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas, including Memphis, Jonesboro, Little Rock, and areas nearby.

How LumberKote™ works

It's rare to not find the signs and symptoms of elevated or excessive moisture in southern or coastal climates, no matter the age of the home or structure. Pro-active homeowners that opt for Watson Seal Protection enjoy even greater peace-of-mind knowing these repairs aren't coming down the road.

Problem prevention always costs less than the damage repairs, including:

  • Sagging floors above the crawl space
  • Cupping hardwood floors
  • Sagging floor joists
  • Mold & fungus growth
  • Wood rot
  • And more!

Why choose LumberKote™

Before Crawl Space Moisture Protection After Crawl Space Moisture Control in Jonesboro

LumberKote™ is specifically designed to directly coat the entire floor framing system including floor joists, subflooring, rim band, sill plate, and girder beams, without the need for any fungal pre-treatment.

The system from Watson Seal provides superior protection from moisture, moisture-related damage, and wood destroying mold, and fungus, adding years to your floor framing system.

Benefits of our moisture control system:

  • Utilizes advanced polymer technology
  • FEMA Flood Grade rated
  • Comes with a transferable, 30-year warranty

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LumberKote™ is exclusively installed by professionally trained crawl space repair contractors with customer first values like Redeemers Group. To learn more about our proven crawl space moisture control system, schedule a free estimate today!

We proudly serve Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas, including Jonesboro, Memphis, Little Rock, Oxford, Olive Branch, Paragould, Cordova, North Little Rock, Germantown, Southaven, and areas nearby.

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