Upcoming Fall 2018 Redeemer's Events

Tuesday, August 21st, 2018 by Abbey Freed


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The Redeemer’s Group has upcoming events!!

As a sponsor of MAAR, or Memphis Area Association of Realtors, they have invited us to teach four classes throughout the next few months. These classes will not only educate members of MAAR on the actual science behind the Redeemer’s work, but it also will allow for realtors to earn their Code of Ethics requirement! The four classes the Redeemer’s will offer are “A Fungus Amungus”, “Crawlspace Science”, “Foundation Repair Science”, and “Basement Science”.

“A Fungus Amungus” will help you to understand where mold comes from, how it gets into our lives, and how it colonizes. You will know the whys and wherefores of public concern, and why and where we may find mold within our homes, schools, churches and offices. Using tools and visual aids, the instructor will demonstrate what it is like to march through areas of contamination to determine the extent of a mold problem and damage, and how to mitigate and control issues. "A Fungus Amungus" is a fun and interactive course that identifies mold and its origins, how to provide effective solutions, the legal ramifications of non-disclosure, how to work with inspectors and your clients to address mold issues and identify red flags.

“Crawlspace Science” will help you to become extremely familiar with common causes and solutions to all crawl space water and moisture concerns and to be confident in explaining them to prospective home buyers. You'll learn the potential problems a wet or vented crawlspace presents to a homeowner, and will leave with viable fixes for moisture, mold and foundation issues or questions.

“Foundation Repair Science” will help you to become extremely familiar with common causes, solutions and considerations related to foundation issues, and how to be confident in explaining them to prospective home buyers and sellers. Included in the training are the causes of foundation sinking, sagging and settling, and how to address those problems. Also included is a section on wall failure—the causes and signs of bowing, leaning and pushed-in walls—and options to correct or replace them.

“Basement Science” will help Realtors understand and be prepared to answer questions related to what causes basements to leak, the dangers and damages caused by moisture in the basement, and considerations for the right and wrong way to approach repairs.

We hope to see lots of Memphis Area Realtors at our upcoming classes!! If you’re a member of MAAR and interested in attending these classes, under the “Events” tab on our website, you can register for them!! Dates and times are listed below!!

9/5  A Fungus Amungus  1 to 4pm

10/5  Crawlspace Science 8:30am to 12:30pm

11/16  Foundation Repair Science 1 to 4pm

11/28  Basement Science 1 to 4pm

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