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Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 by Abbey Freed

Hey there! Have you heard of our CARE CLUB?

Well, if you’ve had a project completed with us, you should DEFINITELY consider joining!

At Redeemers Group, we believe in doing things the right way. While we have the best technicians install the best products available, every system needs a little upkeep. To make the necessary maintenance easier, we created CARECLUB. For example, without Redeemers Group CARECLUB, the cost of replacing a sump pump can be upwards of $750. But for a monthly fee of just $17.99, the exclusive benefits you receive as a Redeemers Group CARECLUB member covers the replacement expense and more.

Members of our CARE CLUB also enjoy other benefits:


Enjoy the added protection of a lifetime warranty on all systems in your home.*


Our regular annual maintenance and inspection is free with your CARECLUB membership ($249/ year value) to ensure your property is retaining the maximum benefits of the system. You will NEVER pay for replacement materials or parts. Our service technician will perform a walkaround inspection of your property to ensure there are no new problems.


Reduced pricing on urgent sevice calls ($99) vs. non-members ($149 + the cost of parts).


 As a CARECLUB member, you receive priority scheduling for any maintenance, service, or future install appointments.


 Receive a members-only 3% discount on any future purchases at this address.*


 The cost of the 1st year will be deducted from your project today ($215.88).

*Minimum 3-year membership required.

* Does not include PolyLEVEL or Basement Finishing products


With your CARE CLUB membership, a typical maintenance appointment would include the following:


  • Cycle and water test sump pump operations
  • Clean sump system liner of sediment and silt- VERY IMPORTANT!
  • Change battery in the WaterWatch alarm-should be done annually
  • Flush and flood test WaterGuard system as necessary
  • Evaluate discharge line(s) and potential for freezing



  • Assess benchmarks with level to verify no further foundation failure.
  • Replace/ add benchmarks as needed.
  • Determine elevations of entire foundation.
  • Inspect grading, downspouts, and gutters to ensure water is discharging properly away from foundation.
  • Inspect foundation walls for cracks, efflorescence or water stains.


  • Assess benchmarks with laser level to verify no further foundation failure
  • Replace/ add benchmarks as needed
  • Evaluate foundation’s periphery areas to make sure there is no post repair movement.
  • Determine elevations of entire foundation
  • Inspect grading, downspouts, and gutters to ensure water is discharging properly away from foundation.



  • Re-tighten all anchors to appropriate torque
  • Evaluate wall anchor plates and maintain wax sealant
  • Benchmark the position of wall(s) at each anchor location
  • Remove excess anchor rod
  • Perform an inspection of foundation, grading, and gutters



  • Inspect seams and seals to ensure proper protection
  • Locate any new entry points
  • Inspect drain/sump pump operations
  • Record and evaluate humidity and temperature levels



You could have all these benefits for just $17.99 a month! We’d love for you to consider our CARE CLUB!

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About the author

Abbey Freed, Marketing Coordinator

Abbey joined the Redeemers Group, Inc. team in July 2018. As Marketing Coordinator, she works directly with the company's marketing department.

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