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Why Household Dehumidifiers Just Don't Do the Job

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016 by Susan Xiong


Household dehumidifiers just don't do the job to help keep a basement dry and to eliminate condensation so moisture does not build up on basement walls, floor, water tank, pipes, and other cold things. 6 reasons why household dehumidifiers just don't do the job:

1. They are too small.

2. The cold coil (the actual thing that takes the water out of the air) is too small.

3. The fan is too small (it has to be so it doesn't blow the air past the dinky coil too fast, otherwise it wouldn't take any water out)

4. The fan doesn't circulate the dry air around your crawl space- because it's too small.

5. They usually aren't drained automatically, so the bucket fills up and they shut off. 

6. They are rated (25 pints 11.83 L), 30 pints (14.2L), 40 pints (18.93 L), etc.) per day at 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) air temperature. Warm air holds a lot more moisture than cold air. Put them in a 68 degree (20 degree C) basement and their effectiveness goes way down below this number. 

Solution: SaniDry XP 

Why Household Dehumidifiers Just Dont Do the Job - Image 1

The SaniDry XP blows air over a huge cold coil. It looks like a truck radiator instead of the little squirrelly spiral coil of dinky dehumidifiers.

The SaniDry XP runs the exiting dry, cold air through a special heat-exchange core that precools incoming wet air and recaptures energy.

The SaniDry XP's powerful 250 cfm blower not only grabs more air in to dry faster, but moves the dry air out around your basement to dry the contents of your basement. 

There are other component reasons SaniDry XP wins the dehumidifier battle, but these are the main ones. 


Excerpt taken from: Dry Basement Science: What to Have Done... and Why by: Lawrence Janesky; Chapter 8 Mastering Humidity: The Anti-Mold 

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