Crawl Space No-No's

Friday, June 3rd, 2016 by Susan Xiong

X Don't put a vapor barrier or rigid insulation board on the ceiling of your crawl space (unless your home is on stilts).

- A vapor barrier on the bottom of floor joists traps water above it to rot joists. 

X Don't close vents without sealing the earth.

X Don't seal the earth without closing the vents.

X Never use a fan to blow outside air into your crawl space. 

X Never use a fan to blow air out of your crawl space.

- Some power fans can make your mold, moisture, rot and energy problems worse- fast!

X Don't install a liner or cocnrete without removing organic material such as weood, cardboard, insulation, etc., from the dirt floor first.

-Rigid insulation board on the crawl space ceiling creates a moisture pocket against the floor joists.

X Don't depressurize a space that has combustion appliance (s)

X Don't run your dryer vent into your crawl space.

X Don't ignore the problem. 

Excerpt Taken From: "Crawl Space Science, What to Have Done...and Why" by Lawrence Janesky Basement Systems 8th Edition Copyright 2014

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