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Going the Extra Mile

We’re finally back for Weekly Wednesday blogs!!

While the holidays might have thrown off our blogs, it definitely didn’t throw off our AMAZING crews. This week’s blog post is all about them, and the small REDEFINING things they do to go the extra mile.

Our crews are made up of some of the hardest works guys. Every day they brave the elements, the dirt, and the impossible to go an extra mile on their projects. Whether they’re swimming in crawlspaces, fighting off rodents or snakes in basements, or braving the elements to raise that concrete slab that just won’t budge, the work they complete is truly amazing. We’ve seen entire houses leveled, cracks sealed, and concrete raised inches. These are just a few instances of their amazing work.

But there are also instances of “behind the scenes” work that our crews complete. They go the extra mile more times than the public gets to actually see and know about.

About two weeks ago, our PolyLEVEL crew went out to complete a project for Mr. George D.  What was just an ordinary concrete leveling job with one crew, turned into an all-hands effort to help Mr. George. What our team didn’t know before production began, was that Mr. George had had a stroke in 2017. This stroke had change Mr. George’s life forever, restricting him from doing some tasks that he was able to easily complete before. Our crews teamed together to actually replace the whole concrete slab. It was far beyond repair and was causing a serious hazard to Mr. George. Multiple crews laid and leveled the new concrete. Other crews took the garbage cans out, raked leaves, and did other small tasks around the exterior of the home that Mr. George just hadn’t been able to do himself.

These are just small examples of what it means to REDEFINE with Redeemers Group. It’s what sets us apart from others in our industry. We are so proud of our work and our team members and hope you all feel the same way.

Let us REDEFINE for you today!

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