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Learn more about Redeemers Group Inc.'S recent work requests in Little Rock, AR
Vicinity of Chaucer Lane in Little Rock
I see some cracks in brick and some wall areas on one side of the house. Also see some floor moisture. Would like free inspection estimate.
Vicinity of Chenal Circle in Little Rock
I need options and pricing to restore an 18 year old cracked concrete driveway.
Vicinity of FLOURITE CV in Little Rock
Live on a hill, cracked wall and flooring
Vicinity of Shea Drive in Little Rock
(1) Dampness in crawlspace. (2) Sag in support joists. (3) Insulation in crawlspace probably needs to be removed.
Vicinity of Vista Drive in Little Rock
Need cement driveway fixed. It is all cracked up. 2 section aprox 20x20 10x10
Vicinity of Ivy DR in Little Rock
Have mold in crawl space
Vicinity of North University Ave. in Little Rock
Need new crawl space liner for house built 15 years ago. The liner the builder put in is torn. Want estimate cost of liner system for 4,200 square foot house. Also how much is dehumidifier. We had foundation repair from y'all 2 years ago.
Vicinity of Topin Ct in Little Rock
My drive has sunk a bit and I did a heavy powerwashing every year so it's time to reurfce it and fill in cracks. Also see if any of sinking can be addressed. Also I have a big crack in grout above grave which is all brick. It went through half a brick also
Vicinity of Lemoncrest Ln in Little Rock
Moisture in crawlspace
Vicinity of Trenton Lane in Little Rock
4 car parking pad has cracks...need to repair...sidewalk uneven
Vicinity of S. Schiller in Little Rock
Wood floors are pulling away from wall; floors uneven, base boards appear to have been affected by moisture.
Vicinity of Spotwood Rd in Little Rock
Possible crawl space vapor barrier or dehumidification needed. Seeking estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of S Fillmore St in Little Rock
Looking to get an estimate on cost of crawl space encapsulation.
Vicinity of Sherman St in Little Rock
Foundation settling
Vicinity of Bouresse Court in Little Rock
Possible settling, moisture and termite damage.
Vicinity of Saint Michael Drive in Little Rock
The walkway to my the front of my house is uneven due to settlement. I'd love to see it evened out. It's about 30 to 50 feet with two curves.
Vicinity of Hidden Valley Dr in Little Rock
Soft spots in floor, noticed crack in brick, doors catching and closets not latching.
Vicinity of Hill Road in Little Rock
I would like someone to look at our foundation as there is a noticeable lean to the floors in a portion of our house.
Vicinity of Meadowbrook Dr in Little Rock
Crawlspace area needs fixing, concerns about piling holding up floor, and encapsulation as well as a crawlspace door.
Vicinity of Mossy Creek Dr in Little Rock
The concrete slab for my garage has fallen and now the garage door has like a 2 inch gap under one side.
Vicinity of Scott in Little Rock
Basement needs to be sealed and waterproofed.
Vicinity of E G Ave in Little Rock
Crawl space service
Vicinity of W Markham in Little Rock
Mold possibly destroyed air ducts
Vicinity of Indian Trail in Little Rock
Need antifungal under house and vapor barrier redone.
Vicinity of N Jackson St in Little Rock
Ive got a couple of low spots in my home's floor I need looked at. The house is 85 years old
Vicinity of Lenon in Little Rock
Foundation repair
Vicinity of East Roosevelt Road in Little Rock
Cracks in the walls, carport slab sinking
Vicinity of Summershade Dr in Little Rock
Pool decking leveled.
Vicinity of Cherry Brook Drive in Little Rock
A small portion of my driveway is uneven and I would like it leveled.
Vicinity of Weston Place in Little Rock
Crawl space
Vicinity of Williamsburg Circle in Little Rock
We have a "basement space" with dirt flooring. Would appreciate email contact (rather than phone) to arrange site visit. Thanks
Vicinity of Fulton Street in Little Rock
My house is sinking more on one side than the other BUT on all sides.
Vicinity of River Heights Drive in Little Rock
Concrete slabs/sidewalk in backyard have been dislodged by the growth of bald cypress knees and maple tree roots. Need some leveling. Cypress is gone but maple is still standing.
Vicinity of Wellington Woods Drive in Little Rock
Driveway settling in 2 places
Vicinity of Beverly Pl in Little Rock
Musty order and white mold
Vicinity of in Little Rock
Crawl space piers falling
Vicinity of in Little Rock
Den area, an add on, seems to have settled. One crack in wall leading from kitchen to Dan has not increased in the past two or three years, can see slight separation of tiles on floor from kitchen to Dan. Had my maintenance/yard guy check underneath they say there's no cracks underneath the house. Peace of mind check please.
Vicinity of So. Summit St in Little Rock
Home floors are uneven.
Vicinity of Doral Drive in Little Rock
House had water issues. Drainage has been done. Need to dehumidifiy crawlspace now so I can put new flooring down
Vicinity of Golden Pond in Little Rock
We have cracks in our brickwork above our garage door on one side of the house.
Vicinity of Diamond Drive in Little Rock
This is a rental property that I have owned for a long time but the settlement has grown worse over time.
Vicinity of Hawthorne Road in Little Rock
I have a small addition to my home that is showing sign of shifting with a crack in the wall and a difficult door to open. The addition is a laundry room that is off the main house/kitchen area. I have had some water issues in my yard that has caused the problem. I would like to see if it is possible to do a foundation repair. Thank you.
Vicinity of Fairbrook Dr in Little Rock
Crawl space vents
Vicinity of White Rd in Little Rock
Crawl space encapsilation
Vicinity of Cedar Ridge Drive in Little Rock
35 year old house on pier and beam. Having some cracks in wall.
Vicinity of Fern Ave in Little Rock
Hi! We're selling our house in Little Rock and interested in installing a vapor barrier and other crawlspace repairs. I'd love an estimate for the work. Thanks!
Vicinity of Cedar in Little Rock
I may have a foundation problem that's causing cracks in the interior of my home.
Vicinity of Bradford Dr in Little Rock
There is a lot of water pouring into my crawl space when it rains, and the vapor barrier and pump are not working to prevent it or remove it.
Vicinity of S. Gaines St in Little Rock
Need quote for concrete repairs and sealant.
Vicinity of South Gaines Street in Little Rock
I have a partial crawl space and basement that stays moist and cold. i would like to see affordable options to have this fixed or sealed.
Vicinity of Vesta Drive in Little Rock
Crawl space is wet, damage on subfloors, seems to be unlevel in areas of home
Vicinity of Pebble Beach Drive in Little Rock
I have a pier and beam structure with some sagging between beams.
Vicinity of Sparks Rd. in Little Rock
Need more support in crawl space to keep front of house level. New house settled.
Vicinity of Amherst Drive in Little Rock
Request estimate for crawl space vapor barrier and/or related work (approx 1450 soft home).
Vicinity of Ivory Drive in Little Rock
We have had water issues under our house, and with the last heavy rain that came through it was exponentially worse. We need an assessment and quote to help fix this. Thx! Michael
Vicinity of Keeneland Dr in Little Rock
Interested in receiving a quote for crawl space encapsulation/dehumidifier install to prevent future issues on crawl space.
Vicinity of Sawgrass Drive in Little Rock
Do you repair retaining walls?
Vicinity of N Monroe St in Little Rock
Cold floors - need more insulation below our house.
Vicinity of Labette Drive in Little Rock
This request is at Twin Lakes Recreation Center Facility.
Vicinity of Sugar Maple Lane in Little Rock
Moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Ridge Pass Ct in Little Rock
I would like a quote to disinfect my crawlspace after a tree rat infestation, reinstall a vapor barrier, and replace a metal grating. I also need my attic inspected and repaired, if necessary. If you can also do that, great. If not, consider recommending someone. Thanks...
Vicinity of Cedar Hill Road in Little Rock
Water when it rains coming into basement
Vicinity of in Little Rock
Crack foundations, water in crawlspace, water retention in the yard
Vicinity of Republic Lane in Little Rock
I have excess moisture and mold and mildew that I constantly fight inside my house. I have a dehumidifier that I have to constantly empty all day to keep the air quality within reason. The crawl space under my house has no plastic or anything down and is just dirt. I need help! I have three children and one of my sons has asthma. I think the quality of air has a lot to do with it.
Vicinity of Tam O Shanter Court in Little Rock
Need clean dry Crawlspace
Vicinity of Ridgefield Lane in Little Rock
I have some standing water under my house in crawlspace
Vicinity of Perdido Cir in Little Rock
Interested in installing a vapor barrier in the crawl space
Vicinity of Biscayne Dr in Little Rock
Water damage in basement and signs of mold and partially missing vapor barrier in crawlspace. Our inspector recommended a perimeter drain tile, edge drain, and drip mat.
Vicinity of Dogwood CV in Little Rock
I've noticed some cracks interior and exterior areas of my home, and would like to have an estimate for repair costs. Thanks, H
Vicinity of Trumpler Street in Little Rock
Would like crawl space cleaned out and encapsulated or advised on alternative solutions to insulating and protecting crawl space. I had recent leak. Small area of mold. I would like to discuss options.
Vicinity of Windham Dr in Little Rock
I live in a double wide home. the crawlspace is above ground, 1,920 sq.ft
Vicinity of S. Cedar St. in Little Rock
Foundation has shifted so windows and floors have cracks to the outside!
Vicinity of Plantation Dr in Little Rock
Vicinity of Beckenham Cv in Little Rock
We are under contract to purchase this property, but our inspector found significant mold in the crawl space. I would like to get an estimate of what it costs to kill the mold and encapsulate the crawl space.
Vicinity of Dahlia Dr in Little Rock
Foundation ?shifted. Told that part of home is 2 1/2 inches lower than other part. Shifted wall. Crack in wall. Roots from neighboring tree causing plumbing problems.
Vicinity of Pontalba Dr in Little Rock
Water is entering crawl space. I'd like a quote on adding french drains and sump pump to manage incoming water.
Vicinity of Reservoir Heights Dr. in Little Rock
Foundation issues.
Vicinity of Bradbury Dr in Little Rock
Sunken patio
Vicinity of N McKinley St in Little Rock
My crawl was recently treated for mold do to some leaks and some rotted boards were replaced. There is still small areas of water collected water on top of the moisture barrier and the boards and duct work have condensation on them. the back/new section of the crawl space is lower than the rest and has trencehs around the walls and piers. The dirt wold need to be leveled. I am interested in estimates for redoing the moisture barrier. Thanks
Vicinity of Pine Valley in Little Rock
I need a quote to install a moisture barrier in my crawlspace.
Vicinity of Shady Ridge Drive in Little Rock
Front porch of home unlevel.
Vicinity of Booker St. in Little Rock
Sump pump crawl space affordable price.
Vicinity of Christopher Cove in Little Rock
Moist under house....uneven insulation
Vicinity of N McKinley St in Little Rock
I need my crawl space door replaced but also would like a quote for a sump pump and vapor barrier or encapsulation.
Vicinity of Silverleaf Court in Little Rock
Old insulation in crawl space is all coming down. We also have an insect/rodent problem in there that we hope fixing it up will lessen/prevent.
Vicinity of Hinson Road in Little Rock
My shed's foundation is sagging in some areas throwing the door jam off & in turn the door won't close.
Vicinity of Lefever Lane in Little Rock
Drive way sinking
Vicinity of St Thomas Court in Little Rock
Would like someone to evaluate crawl space & foundation. We are experiencing uneven floors and cracks in walls
Vicinity of Indian Trl in Little Rock
Water pooling at low point in crawlspace. Bad odor at times. Need a way to evacuate water.
Vicinity of in Little Rock
We would like an estimate for waterproofing a basement.
Vicinity of in Little Rock
Purchased a house a few months ago and the floors appear to be sinking and I am concerned about the foundation. Need a free quote and financing options in order to repair.
Vicinity of Perdido Circle in Little Rock
Terminix guy says our crawl space is covered in fungus. Help!
Vicinity of Windsor Road in Little Rock
Cracked walls, uneven floors, doors out of plumb, separating parkey. House was built in 1988 and sits on a hill. Crawl space foundation. Getting ready to renovate and need foundation stabilized first.
Vicinity of South FIllmore Street in Little Rock
Need an estimate for main beam support in my crawl space.
Vicinity of Cobble Hill Rd. in Little Rock
My foundation seems ok, but I have some concrete steps that have settled in front of my house. I wanted to see what it would cost to have them lifted back up to the right level.
Vicinity of Bear Trail Cove in Little Rock
Water leaking into my basement.
Vicinity of Parliament Pl in Little Rock
I am seeing some molds & fungus in my crawl space
Vicinity of Chenal Circle in Little Rock
Remodeling our house and kitchen floor area has some sagging spots. Need to get area fixed before putting stone floors back in.
Vicinity of Virginia Lane in Little Rock
Plaster walls are separating
Vicinity of Boulder Lane in Little Rock
Foundation repair
Vicinity of N SPRUCE ST in Little Rock
Need to have vapor barrier installed in crawl space
Vicinity of Edinburgh DR. in Little Rock
Concrete slab settling on back porch.
Vicinity of Ranch Ridge Rd. in Little Rock
Some tile crack, house settling consult. Crawl space consult
Vicinity of Garrison Road in Little Rock
My house recently received its annual termite inspection. The inspector advised me that some of the crawl space insulation had come loose. Just need it put back in place.
Vicinity of in Little Rock
Vicinity of Pine Summit in Little Rock
House on slab. walls separating from slab in interior. House built in 2001. Address: 8110 Pine Summit Little Rock, Ark 72204
Vicinity of Windamere Drive in Little Rock
I believe there is dampness in my crawl space.
Vicinity of N. Cedar in Little Rock
Hardwood issues in one bedroom of the house. Concern that the issues is related to under the house. I really don't know
Vicinity of Woodlore Circle in Little Rock
Vicinity of Crabapple Place in Little Rock
We have issues with our foundation, cold floors and unpleasant oders
Vicinity of Berkshire in Little Rock
Our house has a humidity problem and I think it may be due to water buildup in the crawl space. I was hoping to get an opinion / quote in order to get it fixed.
Vicinity of Peach Tree Place in Little Rock
Water build up in back yard.. side of front yard
Vicinity of S. Gaines Street in Little Rock
I think that my home would benefit from having a vapor barrier installed.
Vicinity of S. Pulaski in Little Rock
Natural spring water is causing water to settle in my crawl space
Vicinity of W Markham St in Little Rock
Crawlspace floods during heavy rain. Looking for services to fix problem
Vicinity of Despot Forest Drive in Little Rock
A couple of aggregate panels of a driveway needing to be mudjacked
Vicinity of Stonewall in Little Rock
General inspection shows fungus and ventilation issues. Need to get a free estimate on how much it will cost to fix and need in a rush! Also want to inquire if you do mold inspections. Thanks!
Vicinity of Challain Cove in Little Rock
Water flowing in crawl space, always goes out but need an expert opinion on the situation.
Vicinity of South Battery Street in Little Rock
Access structure.pipes.and air vents.
Vicinity of Biscayne in Little Rock
Mold issue
Vicinity of Vinson Road in Little Rock
Im buying this house and there is water leaking into basement and signs of mold. Need price on repairs Thanks
Vicinity of ACCADIA CT in Little Rock
One section of sidewalk needs raised 3-4 inches.
Vicinity of Stoneview Ct in Little Rock
Bowing wood floors.
Vicinity of Brown Bear Dr in Little Rock
I think I need my visqueen replaced in my crawl space, having condensation and water issues.
Vicinity of Van Lee Drive in Little Rock
Leaning 50 year old brick retaining wall. 6ft. to 2 ft. tall 60 ft. in length. Would like to repair as opposed to tearing down and rebuilding.
Vicinity of Crystal Valley Rd in Little Rock
Mold in cabinets .
Vicinity of Pleasant Valley Dr. in Little Rock
Waterproofing Crawlspace
Vicinity of Rockwood Road in Little Rock
Just discovered mold in our small hallway near a bathroom. We need to know the extent of the mold and how to treat.
Vicinity of West Life Dr in Little Rock
White powdery stuff all on wood in crawl space and also mildew around ceiling in masterbath
Vicinity of N Oak St in Little Rock
Vicinity of Sunnydale Dr in Little Rock
Need to find sosurce of mold growing inside house on walls and repari it..
Vicinity of Andover Court in Little Rock
Mold in second story eave storage areas.
Vicinity of South Lookout Road in Little Rock
I would like an estimate on placing a vapor barrier in our crawlspace.
Vicinity of in Little Rock
Mold in building
Vicinity of Vista Drive in Little Rock
The concrete has fallen in the center of driveway
Vicinity of Mesquite Circle in Little Rock
Crawl Space Evidence of moisture entry in crawl space. Staining on block and slight moisture present on plastic vapor barrier. Consult a qualified contractor to correct source of moisture to prevent further moisture entry, potential foundation deterioration and conditions conducive to mold/mildew growth. Possible mildew/mold growth on wood. A mold swab was performed at this location. Test results will be emailed following receipt from labatory. Treat/remediate as needed. Crawl space vent(s) at/below grade. Decrease soil height or consult a qualified contractor to install vent well(s) to prevent moisture entry into crawl space.
Vicinity of S Battery St. in Little Rock
Vicinity of Pleasant Forest Cove in Little Rock
We had a roof leak which has contributed to mold growth in a small area in our attic. We need to know how extensive it is and how much to have it removed.
Vicinity of Aberdeen Drive in Little Rock
We have a vapor barrier but still have standing water on top.
Vicinity of Saint Michael Dr in Little Rock
Concrete Driveway has sank. Would like a price estimate for raising the sunken portions and crack repair.
Vicinity of Booker Street in Little Rock
My basement has been flooding for years and I really need help. I keep pumping the water out over and over again but it has always come back every time it rains.
Vicinity of Taylor Loop Rd in Little Rock
Vent screens have holes in them. Wanting some of them replaced
Vicinity of Saint Charles Blvd in Little Rock
Would like to have the foundation of home reviewed.
Vicinity of Baltimore Street in Little Rock
Moisture under home
Vicinity of Napoleon in Little Rock
High humidity levels in basement
Vicinity of W. Daisy Bates Drive in Little Rock
The floors inside my home seem to be sinking, and my home slants backwards and to the left.
Vicinity of Lendl Loop in Little Rock
Water problem in side yard,
Vicinity of Midland St in Little Rock
Wet crawl space. Foul smell.
Vicinity of Windsor Rd in Little Rock
Floor joist under the house are sagging where they are joined together and do not have the proper support. Kitchen floor is sagging.
Vicinity of Shadywood Ct in Little Rock
Standing/running water in crawl space. Possible mold.
Vicinity of Parkway Place Dr. in Little Rock
Interested in receiving an estimate for crawlspace encapsulation to help with moisture, cleanliness, and rodent issues.
Vicinity of Woodsgate Drive in Little Rock
I would like someone to assess our crawl space to determine what is needed to prevent moisture.
Vicinity of Garrison Road in Little Rock
I am interested in a vapor barrier for our house. We are I'm a rocky soil slope and seem to have issue with water and mold.
Vicinity of Stillman Dr in Little Rock
Foundation has shifted
Vicinity of Latour in Little Rock
Would like my crawl area looked at at as there is a damp must smell
Vicinity of WINSTON DR in Little Rock
After an annual termite inspection was conducted on my house, the inspector commented that there was "heavy mildew and mold" suggested that a Borate treatment may be needed. Furthermore, he indicated that rot to the joist & subfloor.
Vicinity of Johnson St. in Little Rock
Mold, energy consumption.
Vicinity of Brooklawn Dr. in Little Rock
Mold downstairs
Vicinity of Trelon in Little Rock
Concrete steps detaching and sinking
Vicinity of Forest Maple Ct in Little Rock
Water is leaking into crawlspace and pooling into a trench near a wall.
Vicinity of Dartmouth Dr. in Little Rock
Vicinity of Pine Valley in Little Rock
Remodeling a home and have found that I have water leaking through the foundation into the basement area. This is a split to the rear home with a walkout basement area. Stand up crawl space behind finished area on lower level
Vicinity of DELLWOOD DR. in Little Rock
Vicinity of Ludington Cove in Little Rock
Purchasing a home with an unfinished basement. Would like the basement inspected for possible mold
Vicinity of Gristmill Road in Little Rock
Most of my interior doors will not close and above most doors the dry wall is cracked.
Vicinity of Ridgeway Drive in Little Rock
Need an estimate for sump pump in basement with potential for leak reduction;
Vicinity of Bandy Road in Little Rock
Crawl space repair.
Vicinity of River Ridge Circle in Little Rock
Carport slab is bowing in middle and holding water. Also, am interested in the crawl space quote for clean space.
Vicinity of Arch Street in Little Rock
The foundation of house is failing because of structure problems.
Vicinity of Tena Lane in Little Rock
I have several cracks in my house. The tile floors in my kitchen and bath have cracks also my kitchen floor feels as if it has been raised? My lauadry room has cracks at the entrannce and exit doors. The bricks on the east side of my house have a zig zag pattern.
Vicinity of Lionel Dr, in Little Rock
Floor is cracking across our entryway where it was added on to the front of house. house is built on a slab. Mark
Vicinity of Comm in Little Rock
Information on crawlspace stabilization using screw jacks (or similar) for small (under 800 sq ft) frame home.
Vicinity of Bentley Cir in Little Rock
Foundation Problems
Vicinity of F Street in Little Rock
During heavy rain water leaks in under baseboard in basement apartment
Vicinity of Booker Street in Little Rock
We would like to get a quote for insulating our crawl space.
Vicinity of St. Thomas Ct. in Little Rock
Wait a quote to encapsulate my crawl space.

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