Work Requests in North Little Rock

Redeemers Group is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in North Little Rock. Learn more about Redeemers Group's recent work requests in North Little Rock and nearby areas!

Learn more about Redeemers Group Inc.'S recent work requests in North Little Rock, AR
Vicinity of Seminole Trail in North Little Rock
Need to waterproof our crawl space
Vicinity of Bel Caro Place in North Little Rock
I believe I have a stud that has slipped under my house. It's causing the floor lean. Please call me to set up a time to come out.
Vicinity of W K Ave in North Little Rock
I am afraid there is mold in this residence.
Vicinity of Morning Glory in North Little Rock
Have a concrete foundation me wall are cena block
Vicinity of Elk River Rd in North Little Rock
Corner of garage dropped causing bricks to open up
Vicinity of Regal Dr in North Little Rock
Pier and beam home - discovered rotting subfloor in bathrooms.
Vicinity of North Cypress in North Little Rock
My Mother has a partial basement that seeps water during heavy rain.
Vicinity of Ozark Dr in North Little Rock
I have moisturize under my house and the insulation is falling down. I also have an issue with rodents getting under my house.
Vicinity of Allen Street in North Little Rock
I have a rent house that had a pipe burst in the kitchen and the crawl space is in need of some TLC.
Vicinity of in North Little Rock
Unlevel flooring and gaps in sideing
Vicinity of Vine Street in North Little Rock
My home was built in 1940 has some slopping and sagging spots they need to be restored. I've craw space for easy access.
Vicinity of Ridgewood Lane in North Little Rock
Damp in basement and clothes molding
Vicinity of Deerfield Drive in North Little Rock
Subfloor is saturated due to high humidity levels. Hardwood floor is buckling. Mold is forming.
Vicinity of McCain Blvd in North Little Rock
Need for someone to go under crawl space at my home and see if there is any mold or anything that needs removed. Need quote please.
Vicinity of Cleburne in North Little Rock
Split-level home when water table rises water comes in lower level.
Vicinity of Silver Meadow Cove in North Little Rock
The insulation in our crawlspace is damp and falling down and some mold is starting to grow
Vicinity of Orange St in North Little Rock
I have wood floors above a crawl space and they are very cold. They also allow a lot of cold air into the house. The crawl space is very low less than 12 inches in some areas.
Vicinity of Allwood Drive in North Little Rock
I have some floors that are sloping and would like to get an estimate on repairs. The rooms are above a crawl space.
Vicinity of Green Valley Avenue in North Little Rock
There was a leak from the shower/ bath that has been fixed. I have noticed a "moldy" smell in the carpet in one of the bedrooms- which is directly behind the shower/ bath and I think it's mold.
Vicinity of Navajo Trail in North Little Rock
Slight to moderate cracks in walls and ceiling. Major cracking in driveway and cement pack patio.
Vicinity of Glenmere Dr. in North Little Rock
My basement floods when we get 4 or 5 in. of rain at a time. It also floods after it rain for a long period of time. I have had french drains put in 2010 and it has help, but i need more work done.
Vicinity of Goshen in North Little Rock
The downstairs of my house is a remodeled basement. In the past year, everytime it rains it floods at least half the downstairs. The carpet and walls have been repaired and cleaned but it's a consist battle. We had french drains installed and a water pump but it still floods. Recently, I've noticed horse flies in the house and I believe they are coming from still standing water in the house. There has to be a different solution to fix this problem. PLEASE HELP!

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