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Danny D. from Eads, TN was about to put his house on the market, when his realtor told him that the sinking, uneven driveway could cost him up to a 10,000 dollars decrease in the sale price. That is when he learned about Redeemers Group's exclusive PolyLevel™ System and how it could fix the problem and protect his property's value without the need to replace the concrete slab. In this video he talks about the job and the quality of service we provided. "They were able to do a really good job, with high attention to detail. I couldn't be happier!", says Danny
Danny D. of Eads, TN
Monday, May 8th
I can't say enough how knowledgeable, thorough, helpful and considerate Nathan Scroggins was. The area was as clean as could be expected for the work done. The sales person, Kurt Weir, was very helpful.   
Bryant M. of Jonesboro, AR
Monday, October 3rd
The specialist, Wes Cordell, was very professional and courteous.
Paul W. of Savannah, TN
Thursday, October 6th
he Redeemers Group were very professional and answered all of our questions. The first representative that came out to give an estimate was very thorough and explained everything to make us feel comfortable with knowing we had a professional company taking care of our foundation. Every man that came out were very respectful and kind. I would highly recommend this company!!
Sherri B. of Iuka, MS
Monday, May 16th
Mike was very nice, helpful, and experienced. We thought the quote was really reasonable...
G&M R. of Ripley, MS
Friday, June 26th
They were awesome! Very personable and knowledgeable.
Gayla T. of Nettleton, MS
Thursday, June 13th
Joe Cook did a very good job and was very sensitive to our needs. Great guy and excellent employee was a pleasure to work with him.
Edwin L. of Lakeland, TN
Monday, January 4th
Joe Cook was outstanding. Showed up exactly on time, explained what he was going to do then did it. Cleaned up the site and explained that if the repair required additional work that he would be happy to come out and adjust the job at no charge. 
Bruce P. of Collierville, TN
Friday, September 4th
Wes Cordell and Angel Malburg were outstanding. Wes Cordell was also patient, measured everything and did an excellent job of building trust and credibility. Philip King was amazing. His knowledge and expertise was outstanding. He found things that the previous owners had covered up and pointed them out to me. Very patience, great listener, and more importantly, he is an expert at his profession.
Voss G. of Cordova, TN
Wednesday, November 16th
My wife originally saw an ad for Redeemers Group. We had spent thousands of dollars over the years on water issues in our basement and hadn't been able to solve them permanently. We would do one thing and it would last for a little while, but water would always find its way in. Our house sits at the bottom of a hill, and we get everyone else's runoff. We were pleased with our interactions with Michael, Clint, and the installation crew was hardworking and cooperative. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being no way and 10 being extremely likely,) I would rate them an 8 in terms of how likely I would recommend them to a friend. Clint is honest, Michael is honest, and overall I was pleased to have a permanent solution to our on-going problem. 
Jim S. of Germantown, TN
Thursday, August 1st
Joe Cook, did our poly level. Very happy with the service. He was very nice and arrived on time.
Sheridan B. of Germantown, TN
Wednesday, December 23rd
Redeemers Group did a great job resolving the water issues we were having in our garage. We have experienced several hard rains since their work was done, and we have had NO water intrusion. Their employees were professional, courteous, and able to explain everything and answer all our questions. We highly recommend Redeemers Group.
Rodney P. of Germantown, TN
Thursday, June 27th
"Luis and the other installer Eddie were so great!! Very nice & explained everything. This has been a great experience.
Carol M. of Germantown, TN
Thursday, July 25th
A few months ago, I had dug a hole beneath my foundation in pursuit of a plumbing issue I knew was near the edge of the foundation. In hindsight, I should have just busted up the concrete to expose the issue (which turned out to be a lot less of an issue than I'd imagined). Nevertheless, here was, with a hole beneath my house big enough for me to crawl inside, and I called Redeemers to get an opinion on refilling the hole in a manner that would restore integrity to the foundation and the earth beneath it. Mike came out and gave me his opinion, gratis. I don't know if he'd do that for everyone, but he was very cool and suggested a "pier." Ultimately, I decided to try a different tack, but he showed me how he'd do it and explained the benefits.I decided to go a different route that was a little more DIY friendly--I burned up the undisturbed earth surrounding the hole with mud-packed cinderblocks and filled the void with even more mud-packed cinderblocks to create complete displacement of any water. Nevertheless, I thought Mike was a cool guy and very friendly, and if my foundation cracks as a result of the way I went about it, I'll probably call Redeemers and ask for Mike.
Erik A. of Bartlett, TN
Tuesday, April 1st
Good company and people.
Rex R. of Memphis, TN
Monday, February 29th
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