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Pool Deck Tripping Hazard in Memphis,TN

This Memphis, TN homeowner was concerned bout the pool deck.  It was settling and creating trip hazards around the pool.  The concrete repair experts at Redeemers Group were able to lift, level, and fill in the spaces using PolyLevel and NexusPro.

Concrete Sidewalk Repair in Memphis

April W. of Memphis, TN was concerned about her sidewalk.  It was sinking and settling to the point where it held standing water.  It was uneven and that could spell disaster if someone tripped and fell.  April takes a lot of pride in maintaining her home's curb appeal and wants to make sure her property value does not decline because of an ugly and dangerous sidewalk.  April called upon Redeemers Group to help her with her concrete problems. Matt went to her property to give April a free, thorough, no obligation inspection.  After his findings, Matt explained to April how her sidewalk could be fixed quickly and permanently with our 3 part system.  April agreed and the work was scheduled.  Concrete Experts Jacob and Brennan used our PolyLevelTM System to lift and level the sidewalk.  NexusProTM was used to seal all cracks and joints.  Finally, they applied SealantProTM to protect from future damage.  April can now rest assured that her sidewalk will never again be an eyesore or tripping hazard.  Redeemers Group was able to fix her concrete the right way!

Pool Deck Repair in Southaven, MS

Kathy L. of Southaven, MS had cracking and breaking concrete around her pool that was causing tripping hazards. This was a huge concern because her grandchildren used the pool often.  Jay, our concrete specialist went to Southaven and designed a permanent solution for Kathy that involved lifting and protecting.

Concrete repair expert Jacob and crew used our PolyLevelTM system to lift the sinking portions of the concrete back to level and NexusProTM to repair and seal all the cracks.  These solutions both stabilized and protected the concrete from future damage caused by soil erosion.  Kathy was glad that her grandchildren could safely enjoy the pool.  We are thrilled to have given Kathy the remarkable experience she and her family deserves.

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Sidewalk Restoration in Southaven, MS

Daniel C. of Southaven, MS needed help with his sidewalk.  It was uneven and sinking in some parts.  This caused a tripping hazard that he really needed to address. He called on Redeemers Group.  We used our PolyLevelTM concrete injection system to lift and level the sidewalk sections back into place.  We also sealed all joints with NexusProTM Sealant.  This will divert water and keep it from causing future damage.  Most importantly, this solution is permanent.  No more worrying about people tripping on his sidewalk!  If you need concrete, foundation, or crawl space repair, call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection!

Concrete Repair and Protection in Southaven

Willie D. was having problems with his driveway. His concrete was cracking.  This is a sign of settlement and will continue to become worse if the problem is not addressed.  Willie also knew that water and soil erosion were the main causes of his cracked concrete.  This is Willie's forever home and he does not want to deal with the cost and inconvenience of replacing his driveway.  He called upon Redeemers Group to help him out before the problem got worse.  Antonio tool the trip to Southaven to give Willie a free inspection and provide him with permanent solution options.  Willie agreed that 3 part repair and protection was the best solution.  Concrete expert Tommy and his crew used PolyLevelTM to lift and level the driveway back into place.  Then the sealed all cracks and joints with NexusProTM.  This was especially important for water diversion.  Finally, they applied SealentProTM to protect the concrete from future damage.  Willie can rest assured that his driveway is protected from further damage.  Redeemers Group is glad to have provided another remarkable experience.  Our customers deserve nothing less.

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