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Concrete Repair in Olive Branch, MS

Many homeowners attempt some kind of D.I.Y. solution to concrete problems as a quick fix, but ultimately end up costing themselves more in the long run.  Redeemers Group was able to help this Olive Branch, MS homeowner permanently solve his settling and cracked concrete with our PolyLevel System, NexuPro Crack Repair, and NexusPro Joint Sealant.

Driveway Repair in Olive Branch

This homeowner has a culvert running under the driveway which was causing some problems.  PolyLevelTM and NexusProTM are the perfect solutions for concrete repair.  These products were used to address this homeowner's issues.

Driveway Repair in Olive Branch, MS

Jay D. of Olive Branch, MS was having trouble with his concrete driveway.  Water was infiltrating and washing away the soil beneath, leaving voids that would cause cracks and breakage.  He chose our 3 Part Concrete Protection System to address this issue.  We were able to use our PolyLevelTM Injection System to fill all voids beneath the slab.  We also used NexusProTM joint sealAnt to seal all joints and cracks.  This will divert water and keep it from penetrating beneath the driveway.  Finally, SealantProTM was applied to protect the surface of the concrete to prevent further water damage.  

Jay was confident that his driveway was now protected and his property value in tact for when he is ready to sell his home and enjoy retirement.  If you are experiencing concrete, foundation, crawl space, or basement problems, call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection!

Concrete Driveway Rescue in Olive Branch

Mr. Winston and his wife have worked hard for 32 years.  They have worked hard for everything they have, so for them, quality is paramount. Mr. Winston thought that his concrete driveway may be too far gone for repair.  It was cracking and sinking, and he was prepared for the worst: a complete tear out and a new driveway. He called on Redeemers Group and we sent Tyler out to inspect and assess the situation.  Mr. Winston was pleased to hear that his driveway could absolutely be saved, along with the thousands of dollars it would cost for a new drive way. Tyler explained how our PolyLevelTM Injection system worked and what could be done to save the driveway. Mr. Winston eagerly scheduled the work to be done.

It was now up to Tommy and crew to bring this driveway back to life.  Tommy knew that he would first need to stabilize the concrete slab.  This meant filling all voids underneath the concrete left by water intrusion.  Then he would need to lift and level the parts of the driveway that had sank. PolyLevelTM is the go-to system for these problems.  Our PolyLevelTM foam is injected under the slab, filling all voids and lifting them back into proper position.

After this was done, it was time for protection from future damage. This is done by first, filling in all joints and cracks with our NexusProTM joint and crack sealant. NexusProTM diverts the water and keeps it from getting beneath the concrete to erode the soil.  Finally, our SealantProTM was applied to the surface of the concrete, providing ultimate protection from the elements. All three of these products combined makes up our 3 Part Concrete Protection System, which comes with a 5 year warranty against future damage.

Mr. Winston was amazed by the results.  His demand for quality was met and he was quite impressed.  He can rest assured that his driveway is stable and protected. We at Redeemers Group take great pride in providing each customer with the remarkable experience they deserve.  

If you are having trouble with your concrete, foundation, crawlspace or basement, call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection.

Driveway Trip Hazard in Oxford, MS

Jeff L. of Oxford, MS needed help.  His driveway was cracking and sinking.  His wife Patricia had tripped and nearly fell because of this.  Water intrusion was making this issues even greater because it was washing away the soil underneath the slab.  He called Redeemers group.

One of our concrete specialists inspected the driveway and determined that the best course of action would be our 3 Part Concrete Protection SystemTM.  First, we were able to lift and level the sunken parts with our PolyLevelTM concrete injection system.  To address the water intrusion problem, all the cracks and joints were sealed using our NexusProTM joint and crack sealant.  This will divert water away and keep it from penetrating beneath the slab and washing away the soil.  Finally, we applied SealantProTM concrete sealant to protect from future damage.  This system is also backed by a robust 5-year warranty.  Jeff was happy with the results.  Patricia felt safer knowing that the tripping hazard was gone for good.  

If you need help with your driveway, foundation, crawl space or basement, call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection.

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