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Pool Deck Repair in Oxford, MS

Check out this concrete pool deck repair we did for David S. of Oxford, MS.  Cracks and sinking concrete like this are not only eyesores that disrupt the pool's overall aesthetic, but can be dangerous tripping hazards as well.  With our PolyLevelTM Injection System, we lifted and leveled the concrete back into proper position.  Then we sealed all cracks and joints with our NexusProTM crack and joint sealant, preventing future damage caused by water intrusion.

David is pleased with the results.  He is happy that the pool deck is safe, and looking good once again.  Of you are having problems with your concrete, or need help with your foundation, crawl space or basement; call or click for a free, no-obligation inspection!

Concrete Repair and Protection in Atoka, TN

Bob S. of Atoka, TN needed help with his concrete driveway.  He knew he needed to address the cracking and sinking now, or it would only get worse and become more expensive.  His neighbor had the same problems, but waited too long so address them, a new driveway had to be poured.  Bob knew how expensive that was, so he called Redeemers Group. 

Tyler, one of our concrete specialists, went out to Atoka to inspect the driveway and find the cause to these issues.  He wasn't surprised by what he found.  Water was the root of the problem.   He offered Bob a solution and Bob scheduled the work.

Concrete expert Tommy was able to lift and level the parts that had sunk with our PolyLevelTM system. He also provided Bob with our 3 part concrete protection.  This meant using NexusProTM to seal all cracks and joints. SealantProTM sealed the concrete.  Water is now repelled and diverted so it can no longer damage the concrete, and Bob is relieved that he does not need a new driveway.  If you are experiencing concrete problems, call or click today!

Pool Deck Disaster in Eads

A sunken pool deck is a real nightmare for any homeowner.  Not only does it lower your property value, it's also a dangerous tripping hazard.  Let's not even mention the damage to the aesthetic of your beautiful home.  For Bill and Patti T. of Eads, Tn, this nightmare became a reality.  Luckily, they called Redeemers Group.

Concrete specialist Yolanda took the trip to Eads to inspect the pool deck and design a permanent solution to the problem.  Bill and Patti were concerned, but Yolanda eased their minds with the solution she proposed.  They agreed and the work was set.

Concrete pool deck repair experts Jacob and Brennan were tasked with this project.  They used our PolyLevelTM system to lift and level the concrete back into position.  Then they sealed all cracks and joints with NexusProTM Sealant.  This would ensure water could not penetrate beneath the concrete and cause more damage.  Bill and Patti were excited about the results because they plan on selling this home and the value was restored.  We at Redeemers Group are thrilled whenever we get the chance to help those in our community.  If you are having pool deck troubles, or need foundation, concrete or crawl space repair; call or click for a free, no obligation inspection!

Sunken Sidewalk in Arlington, TN

Donna G. of Arlington, TN was concerned about her sidewalk.  It was sinking and causing water to pool. There was also concern that it could be a tripping hazard.  The last thing Donna wanted was the sidewalk to cause injury to someone.  Donna did the best thing one could do in this situation:  she called Redeemers Group.

Ryan, one of our inspectors, went out to Arlington to provide her a solution.  Donna was pleased with the proposal and the work was scheduled.  Concrete expert Jacob quickly lifted and leveled the sidewalk and restored it to the original position with PolyLevelTM injections.  Concrete replacement takes days and is very inconvenient. Our PolyLevelTM System is much cheaper than replacing the concrete.  It also allows the customer to use the sidewalk 15 minutes after the application.  If you are experiencing problems with your concrete, foundation, or crawl space, call or click to talk to our Customer Care team!

Nexus Pro Injection with Shane and Courtney

This Nexus Pro injection was done on the outside edges of a pool in Piperton, TN. The pool was surrounded by masonry stone, which then had a small joint space before it met the concrete slabs of the patio. This joint space was previously filled with sub-par joint sealant (as seen in the "Before" shot). The homeowners asked the Redeemers to correct the previous joint sealant, to which we injected Nexus Pro, leaving their pool and patio flawless (as seen in the after shot)!!!  

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