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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Arlington, TN

Josh D. of Arlington, TN had moisture problems and bad air quality in his crawl space.  He was concerned about mold and mildew and how that would affect his families health.  We installed our CleanSpaceTM encapsulation system.  This is a permanent solution that remedies moisture, mold, mildew and bad air quality.  Josh and his family no longer need to worry about the crawl space.

If you need help with your crawl space, foundation, basement, or concrete; call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection!

Beautiful Crawl Space Encapsulation in Millington, TN

Check out this crawl space encapsulation system we recently installed for Sheena P. of Millington, TN.  We proposed a solution that incorporated our SmartJacksTM System for stability, and our CleanSpaceTM encapsulation system for protection.  Our encapsulation system included our CleanSpaceTM liner to act as a vapor barrier, a SmartSumpTM to rid the crawl space of any water that enters, and a SaniDry SedonaTM dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air and provide higher overall air quality.  These results speak for themselves. 

Before and after a full encapsulation system

Despite not having standing water, the moisture was high enough in this crawl space to cause the hardwood flooring on the first level of the home above the crawl space to ripple, buckle, and even pop out of place in some areas. A full encapsulation system was installed which included a sump pump and dehumidifer. 

Nasty, flooded and muddy crawl space gets a major fix with Redeemers Group

This crawl space checked all the boxes of a troubled foundation: the wood was rotting, the floor was muddy and flooded, and the foundation posts had started sinking, meaning the floor was pulling away from the walls in the home!

With an installation of a full encapsulation system, including vapor barrier and a de-humidifier, this customer was set for life and never had to worry about crawl space problems again, thanks to local crawl space repair company, Redeemers Group.

Moldy subflooring replaced by Crawl Space Professionals!

This customer had a failing subfloor, and needed a complete replacement of the beams, joists, and subfloor to keep his home structurally safe!

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