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Vapor Barrier removes all concerns of wood rot and moisture in Henning, TN home

This customer wanted his crawl space to be the best it could be! He knew he wanted to leave the home to his wife after he passed away and did not want her worried about maintaining the crawl space and that having a well-cared-for crawl space would add value and years to the life of their home.

Redeemers Group was just the crawl space company the homeowner needed. They installed a full encapsulation, added a de-humidifier to the highest point of the crawl space (to absorb any moisture in the air) and a sump pump and drainage line to the lowest point, thus ensuring any rainwater would get trapped by the sump and led out and away from the home via the drain line.

Major Crawl Space Damage in Blytheville, AR

Cecil M. of Blytheville, AR had major crawl space damage.  When water and moisture is present, bad things can happen.  this is a perfect example of just how devastating water damage can be.  Cecil's joist were rotted.  The floor was no longer stable, and these joists had to be replaced before stabilization could occur.  Luckily we have Eugene, who is an expert woodworker.  Eugene was able to replace all the rotted joists and subfloors so that our SmartJackTM system could be installed.

You might ask: "How can I protect my crawlspace and make sure this does not happen to my home?"  The simple answer is: call Redeemers Group! We can install a full crawlspace encapsulation system that will protect your crawl space from water, moisture, mold, mildew, and rot.

Rotted Crawl Space in Hickory Flat, MS

Joyce W. of Hickory Flat, MS was having crawl space problems.  She and her husband built their home 30 years ago and it is their forever home.  Water and excess moisture had done major damage to the wood in the crawlspace.  We removed and replaced the rotted wood in the crawl space and installed a CleanSpaceTM Encapsulation system.  This included our CleanSpaceTM liner, our SilverGloTM insulating panels, a SmartSumpTM to remove any water that may inter the crawl space, and a SaniDryTM Sedona dehumidifier for clean, dry air.

If you are experiencing foundation, crawlspace, basement, or concrete problems; call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection.

Dirty Crawl Space in Brighton, TN

This customer needed help waterproofing the crawl space of their home. One of the main components of their solution included the installation of a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier and CleanSpace system. The SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier easily fits in small crawl spaces yet has a powerful blower to effectively dry large crawl spaces. The CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier is a durable, bright white crawl space liner that installs on the walls and floors, preventing water vapor and humidity from passing through. By keeping your crawl space dry, you protect your structure and insulation from mold and rot.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Pontotoc, MS

Amanda and Jeff H. of Pontotoc, MS called on us to help the with their crawl space.  They were having moisture issues that were causing mold and damage to the wood.  We were able to install our CleanSpaceTM Encapsulation system to make sure the crawl space stayed clean and dry.  We also applied LumberKoteTM Sealant to all the wood to protect it from future moisture damage.  If you need help in your crawl space, call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection.

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