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Mold and Wood Rot Crawl Space Protection in Bolivar, TN

Doris L. of Bolivar, TN was having problems in her crawl space.  She built her home 30 years ago and just recently replaced some flooring.  The flooring company had trouble installing the floor due to a warped subfloor and moisture.  They suggested that Doris get the moisture problem under control.  Doris began to worry about mold.  She did not trust anybody to handle these problems until she came across Redeemers Group.  Wes, our pro crawlspace inspector, took the trip to Boliver to help Doris determine the causes of, and the best solution to permanently resolve these issues.  After her appointment with Wes, Doris knew she could trust Redeemers Group to fix it the right way.  Crawlspace waterproofing expert Juan and his crew set out to make her crawlspace safe and moisture free.  The crew repair some rotted joists and installed our SmartJack System to provide needed support.  Next, they applied LumbeKote Sealer to protect the wood from future moisture damage.  Then they installed our CleanSpace System to stop water vapor from permeating the walls, and drain wall leaks.  Finally, a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was installed to ensure moisture is kept under control and mold is prevented.  Doris was over the moon with the results and Redeemers Group is proud to have given her the service and peace of mind our customers deserve!

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Crawl Space Jacks in Bolivar, TN

Scott L. of Bolivar, TN was experiencing sagging floors, doors and windows that would not operate properly, and both interior and exterior cracking in his walls.  These are all signs of foundation settlement.  Scott contacted Redeemers Group for a free, no obligation inspection and specialist Jay went out to help him.  Jay determined that the best plan of action was our SmartJacksTM system.  Scott agreed and the project was scheduled.

Crawl space expert Chet took on the task. Chet installed our SmartJacksTM system with some supplemental beams for added support.  This is the superior crawl space jacks solution.  Scott was relieved that this home was stabilized and Redeemers Group is thrilled to have provided the ultimate service that customers deserve.  If you need help with your crawl space, call or click NOW!

Crawl Space Jacks in Bolivar, TN

Wood and cinder blocks are not the ideal method to support your home.   Water and excess moisture can and will weaken these materials over time.  Sooner or later, the wood will rot, and the block will fail.  Our SmartJacksTM are the perfect solution for crawl space support.  They provide permanent stability and can withstand the threats that moisture brings.  For added protection, our CleanSpaceTM encapsulation in conjunction with LumberKoteTM wood sealant is recommended. Call or click today for a free; no-obligation inspection!

Crawl Space Rescue in Ripley, MS

Check out these beautiful Before & After photos of the work we completed for Lonnie B. of Ripley, MS.  Lonnie had considerable crawl space damage caused by water and excess moisture.  The wood supporting the home was rotting and becoming weak.  We were able to stabilize the joists with our SmartJacksTM crawl space support jacks.  This solution is permanent, assuring Lonnie that his home is safe. We also applied our LumberKoteTM wood sealant to protect the wood form future water damage.


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Tight Squeeze for Crawl Space Support in Somerville, TN

Joel J. of Somerville, TN recently bought this home and wanted to remodel.  He noticed a bounce floor and wondered if the structure was properly supported.  He was worried because he didn't know if work could be done in his crawl space.  The was not very much space under there.  He decided to go to google for answers. That's where he discovered Redeemers Group. After a brief phone call, crawl space support expert Jay took the trip to Somerville to give Joel a free inspection, and the answers he'd hoped for.  Jay was able to show Joel that there was a solution that would be permanent.  Jay happily scheduled the work.  Foreman Luis and crew installed SmartJacks to provide the stabilization and support needed.  Joel is now able to renovate his new home without worry.  Redeemers Group is proud to have been able to help Joel and give him the service our customers deserve.


If you are experiencing crawl space problems, no matter how much room is under there, call or click today!

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