Job Stories

Job Stories

Concrete Leveling in Oakland, TN
David R. of Oakland, TN needed help with his driveway.  He recently had a sewage pipe replaced where it washed out the soil underneath his driveway.  The concrete began to fail because of the lack of stabilization.  David had only lived in the house for three years and he, like most of us, just wanted to enjoy his front yard.  In order to do that, he needed concrete leveling. David took his problems to the internet where he discovered Redeemers Group. Our Inspector, Justin, went to Oakland to help David with his concrete problem.  He quickly determined the best solution to precisely and permanently address the issue. Eager to finally be able to enjoy his front yard, David readily agreed with the solution and the work was scheduled. It was time for the concrete leveling experts Tommy and Dalton to come in and work their magic.  They were able to lift and level the cracked and sunken portions of the driveway by injecting our PolyLevelTM into the voids.  Next, they repaired the cracks using our NexusProTM Crack Repair System, ensuring that further damage would not occur. David could finally start to create the front yard that he wanted and we at Redeemers Group are glad we could accommodate him. It’s jobs like this that let us know that we can truly succeed at redefining our industry!    
Fixing a Failing Foundation in Blytheville Mississippi
This customer was plagued by cracks in the wall, uneven floors and even some cracks in the ceiling! Yikes! Luckily, Redeemers Group was able to help. Our concrete installed PolyLevel to ensure this customer would remain on solid ground for years to come. The high density foam filled the voids beneath the home that had caused the settlement and cracking in the foundations. Floors were elevated to meet back up with walls, and cracks in the ceiling were stopped in their tracks.
Cracks outside, inside in a beautiful home in Blytheville MIssissippi
Samuel B is a recently retired man that loves to fish. He had lived in his home for almost 20 years. He first started noticing some cracks near his doorways and in his brick a few years ago. Samuel unfortunately waited a few years before trying to find help. The cracks continued to grow and spread through his home. The settlement got worse and worse, and eventually he couldn't even use his front door.Finally he called Redeemers Group! We installed Helical Piers on the North East corner of the house, the Southside corner of the garage and the Southernmost side of the property. We also installed a Push Pier through the front porch to make the front door usable again. Then, we placed a Slab Pier is near the master bath doorway, which is also at the North East corner of the house. The Slab pier even got some PolyLevel so backfill the void and ensure it stays in places permanently. The other interior areas that got PolyLevel are the hallway bathroom door, near the front door (where the Push Pier went), opposite the stairs where the foyer and living room meet, and in the laundry room just inside the garage door.All in all, Samuel B purchased a comprehensive system that stabilized his entire house!  A home that just a few years ago, he began to fear would completely fall apart.Thank goodness we could help Samuel! Now he can enjoy the rest of his retirement with peace of mind provided by his Redeemers Group stabilization system.
Sagging Floors in Columbus, MS
In the midst of remodeling his home, Derek F. noticed that the floor was sagging towards the supplemental beam. The stairs were also slopping in the same direction. Derek gave Redeemers Group a call and were more than happy to help him with this issue. We were able to lift and stabilize the floors using our SmartJack® system. The SmartJack® system provides solid support for sagging and undersized beams, restoring stability and straightness to sagging floor joists in a crawl space. Once installed in your crawl space, SmartJack® supports can correct problems such as sloping and overly springy floors, interior wall cracks, and out-of-level level door frames. Because of its design, the SmartJack® can be adjusted over time to provide additional straightening and leveling action if necessary. The SmartJack® is also compatible with a crawl space vapor barrier system, allowing you to address crawl space mold and humidity issues while repairing your structural issue. This system was able to stabilize Derek's issue and allowed him to continue remodeling his beautiful home. 
Moist Crawl Space in Brighton, TN
James N. had noticed that the crawl space in his home was moist and he was worried that the moisture would affect his home. Redeemers Group came in and offered James and his family a great solution to their crawl space issues. One of the main components of the crawl space solution included the installation of the SumerSump® sump pump and the CleanSpace®   System. Both of these systems are essential to keeping any basement or crawlspace dry. The SuperSump® pump system is specifically designed to handle the amount of water that a basement collects during heavy rains. It can pump 2220 gallons per hour at an 8-foot discharge head quietly and efficiently. The CleanSpace® System separates and protects the crawl space interior from outdoor conditions, keeping the space clean and dry.  With a 25-year warranty against rips and tears, this durable 20-milpoly-reinforced crawl space liner converts your crawl space into a usable storage area. And with its mold-resistant additive "UltraFresh", CleanSpace® will never support mildew or mold growth on its surface.
Foundation Issues in Okolona, MS
Richard F. noticed that there were cracks in his home. He knew that this was a foundation issue and gave Redeemers Group a call. We were able to offer Richard an effective solution to this issue. To solve the foundation settlement issue, Redeemers Group installed slab piers and performed a lift procedure on the home. Piers can solve settlement problems by transferring a structure's weight to strong, competent supporting soils at greater depth. Piers can effectively stabilize a settling structure and can even provide jacking points to lift the structure upwards to its original, level position. We also installed the PolyLevel® system which uses high-density polyurethane expanding foam to raise settled concrete foundations and slabs. The state-of-the-art polymer injection is a fast-acting, affordable alternative to mudjacking and concrete slab replacement. Installers use specially-designed equipment to inject structural-grade polymer into penny-sized holes bored in the slab. After the void underneath the concrete slab is filled, the expanding foam will lift and level the slab. PolyLevel® is a quick-curing solution and the polymer is waterproof and will never wash away.
Dirty Crawl Space in Atoka, TN
Dale S. had started noticing that mold was forming inside his home. They were sure that this mold and the pests were coming from their wet crawl space. The crawl space also needed a secured entry way. Redeemers Group came in and offered the family a permanent solution to their crawl space issues. One of the main components of their solution included the installation of a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. It easily fits in small crawl spaces yet has a powerful blower to effectively dry large crawl spaces. As a high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® certified dehumidifier, the Sedona removes more moisture (100 pints per day) for less electricity cost than conventional models. There’s no doubt that Dale S. can now enjoy a dry, healthy basement and crawl space. Redeemers Group is pleased that we could solve Dale’s crawl space problems in Atoka, TN!
Sunken driveway at an Eads, TN home that is on the market to sell
We were called out to this Eads, Tennessee home that is being prepped to be put on the market. The realtor had told the homeowner that the sunken driveway was going to be a big detractor for interested buyers that would perceive that the entire circle driveway would have to be replaced. She estimated that buyers would devalue the home as much as $10,000 because of it. Therefore, it was a no brainer for the homeowner to have us lift the parts of the driveway that had sunken down.  There were multiple places that the driveway was sinking significantly. One challenge with this drive was the decorative brick spacers between each concrete slab. Our team leader was able to bring the concrete slabs back to level as shown in the photos. The homeowner did not ask us to level the decorative brick spacers. Concrete lifting is meant for concrete only, and not decorative brick. Interestingly enough, some areas of the brick also achieved lift back to level. The homeowner planned to remove the brick, pressure wash it, pack dirt down under it, and relay the brick to be level with the restored driveway. (This is why the decorative brick appears to be still sunken down in the photos).
Foundation Settlement in Munford, TN
Lucy S. had noticed cracked foundation and doors and windows that were not closing. Lucy tried to search for solutions to this problem, but nothing seemed to work. Redeemers Group was more than happy to help her and her family resolve this issue. To solve their foundation settlement issue, Redeemers Group installed slab piers and performed a lift procedure on the home. Piers can solve settlement problems by transferring a structure's weight to strong, competent supporting soils at greater depth. Piers can effectively stabilize a settling structure and can even provide jacking points to lift the structure upwards to its original, level position. Now, Lucy will be able to enjoy her home knowing that their foundation issues are repaired.
PolyLEVEL of Walkway and Sidewalk in Collierville, TN
Shane, Courtney, and Buford took on this PolyLEVEL job for a front walkway in Collierville, TN! The homeowner, Gloria D., began to realize her front sidewalk and walkway leading to her house was not only settling but was also creating a trip hazard for her neighbors. She made the call to Redeemers Group, and we were able to give her a free inspection, deciding that her best option would be for a PolyLEVEL injection to be done! There was a walkway leading from the home’s front door, down to the sidewalk that had been installed by the town of Collierville. Shane’s team had to monitor many aspects of this project to fulfill a full lift.  One corner on the final slab had not settled as far down as the other three corners, so one member of the crew had to physically jump up and down on the slab to maintain the slab’s position. The crew went above and beyond to insure this home owner the perfect lift. The team also made sure any “blowout’ of the foam from under the slab did not seep into the home owner’s grass. Buford and Courtney diligently removed any of the excess foam. After all three slabs were lifted, the team completed a thorough clean up, complete with sweeping the sidewalk, removing any excess foam, and sanding the small holes that had to be drilled for the injections. The Redeemers were able to complete her project, leaving her sidewalk level once again, almost as if it was brand new!!
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