Job Stories

Job Stories

Dirty Crawl Space in Holly Springs, MS
Randy M. noticed that his crawlspace was damp and could possibly cause mold. He gave Redeemers Group a call before the issue worsened. One of the first components of this project was to install SmartSump pump system The SmartSump™ comes equipped with a cast-iron Zoeller® primary pump with the option of adding an UltraSump® Battery Backup Sump Pump. This sump pump is designed to fit with the CleanSpace® liner and has a sump alarm to ensure you always are aware of any water in your crawl space Install SaniDry CX Air System to keep humidity low. The SaniDry Sedona offers giant performance in a small package. It's the world's most efficient, high-performance dehumidifier, without a bulky heat exchange core. The Sedona easily fits in small crawl spaces, yet has a powerful blower to effectively dry large crawl spaces. Mold and mildew are common in crawl spaces, but the Sedona keeps the relative humidity below 55%, so mold won't stand a chance. As a high-efficiency ENERGY STAR® certified dehumidifier, the Sedona removes more moisture (100 pints per day) for less electricity cost than conventional models. We also installed the CleanSpace® System which separates and protects the crawl space interior from outdoor conditions, keeping the space clean and dry.  With a 25-year warranty against rips and tears, this durable 20-mil poly-reinforced crawl space liner converts your crawl space into a usable storage area. And with its mold-resistant additive "UltraFresh", CleanSpace® will never support mildew or mold growth on its surface. Finally, we installed our EverLast™ Crawl Space Door. The doors are created with ½" thick solid plastic, and they will never rust, rot, or need paint. Sturdy knobs allow for easy access and ensure a tight seal for many years to come. Randy M. and his family are now able to enjoy their home with a damp crawl space! 
Dirty and Moist Crawl Space in West Point, MS
Randy W. and his family had noticed that mold was appearing on the floors of their home. The source of this moisture and mold was a damp crawl space. Randy gave Redeemers Group a call and we were more than happy to help with this crawl space issue. To resolve this issue, the team at Redeemers Group installed the CleanSpace® System. The CleanSpace® System separates and protects the crawl space interior from outdoor conditions, keeping the space clean and dry.  With a 25-year warranty against rips and tears, this durable 20-milpoly-reinforced crawl space liner converts your crawl space into a usable storage area. And with its mold-resistant additive "UltraFresh", CleanSpace® will never support mildew or mold growth on its surface. Now that this has been installed, their crawl space is dry and will no longer hold moisture. We are happy that we could resolve this issue for Randy W. and his family.    
Drainage Issues in Millington, TN
Kenneth B. and his family noticed that water would always stay long after the rain was gone. Their drainage system was failing and it was affecting their home's foundation. Kenneth gave Redeemers Group a call and we were able to come out to the property and provide a great solution to this issue. Redeeemers Group was able to come in and install our WaterGuard® basement waterproofing system. This system is an innovative interior perimeter drainage channel designed to effectively solve basement water problems. Unlike traditional French drains that are installed outside the foundation or alongside the footing, WaterGuard piping won't clog with silt or plant roots. In fact, the WaterGuard basement drainage system includes a 20-year warranty against clogs. Water enters the system via inlet holes and flows through the drainage pipe to the TripleSafe or another sump pump. We also installed the SuperSump pump system which is specifically designed to handle the amount of water that a basement collects during heavy rains. It can pump 2220 gallons per hour at an 8-foot discharge head quietly and efficiently. Now, Kenneth and his family are able to enjoy their home without a flooded garage and driveway.  
Water-filled Crawl Space had to be drained in Drummonds, TN!
This customer had a very flooded crawl space. In fact, the first day out on the job had to be spent completely pumping out the water! We removed the water, then returned to install a full drainage system to move water out from the crawl space and far out away from the home. This all begins with the sump pump that pulls water that enters the crawl space into a drainage line that forces the water way out into the yard and away from the home where, if left unchecked, would do major damage to the house over time.Luckily this customer called us to solve the flooding before things got out of control. Have you called your local waterproofing and foundation experts to help you? Don't wait, flooded crawl spaces will only get worse with time!
Unstable Soils Lead to Cracked Garage Floor in Drummonds TN, Local Concrete Expert Tasked to Help
This homeowner noticed a small crack in his garage when he first moved in three years ago. His home was newly built, so he figured it was due to settling, and everyone told him that it was normal and "houses settle all the time, even newly-built homes."But, as the snow and rains came and went, he notice the crack getting bigger, and now new ones were appearing.He did the smart thing, and called his local concrete repair company and asked us to take a look. Our System Design Specialist came out and correctly diagnosed the issue: water was seeping under his concrete slab and causing voids to form, which in turn was leading to his concrete sinking and cracking.   Luckily, he had called in time; Redeemers Group was able to stabilize the garage slab by injecting a proprietary polymer foam. Once the slab was stabilized, we sealed the joints to close the crack AND to make sure no more water got in and disrupted the soil beneath the slab. The homeowner was so grateful, he went on to trust the concrete experts, and asked for preventative sealing of all his existing concrete to ensure he never had to deal with cracking or settling again!
Germantown home with interior signs of humidity issues in the crawl space
This homeowner wasn’t concerned with the condition of the crawl space until the water and humidity issues began to affect the beautiful wood flooring in the downstairs on the home. They started to notice rippling in some places of the flooring. In others, the boards were expanding and contracting with the changes in dampness below them. One picture shows where boards started to come up altogether. Our inspector found that the crawl space needed to be fully encapsulated. The system included drainage matting, Cleanspace liner, a Sani Dry sump pump, and a dehumidifier. Click here to learn more about how all of these parts of the encapsulation system work together, and why they are all necessary. In the end, the homeowner was pleased that any water that would enter the crawl space would be diverted to the sump before it can cause problems, and the dehumidifier would keep the air conditioned in an appropriate manner. They were further pleased that as the system began working, and the flooring began to dry out from the underside, some of the aesthetic issues with the hardwood floors went away.
INSANE Poly Job on Driveway in Olive Branch, MS
Check out this INSANE PolyLEVEL job that our crew completed!! Christopher R.,of Olive Branch, MS, decided that after years of letting his driveway settle and crack, it was FINALLY time to give Redeemers Group a call! As you can see in the pictures attached, the driveway hadn't just settled by a few centimeters, some parts settled INCHES!  Shane and his crew were able to get incredible lift on this driveway, filing in cracks with NexusPro as they went. The finishing touch for this PolyLEVEL job was a solid powerwashing. Not only does the driveway look great, but the PolyLEVEL will outlast the life of the concrete, so Christopher won't have to worry about anymore settling!  This job site is so neat to see as a before and after, but it also serves as a testiment to the question. "Why are you waiting?" Little problems turn into bigger problems as time goes on. The best time to act is now!! 
Driveway Repair in Olive Branch, MS
Mr. Winston and his wife have worked hard for 32 years.  They have worked hard for everything they have, so for them, quality is paramount.  Mr. Winston thought that his concrete driveway may be too far gone for repair.  It was cracking and sinking, and he was prepared for the worst: a complete tear out and a new driveway.  He called on Redeemers Group and we sent Tyler out to inspect and assess the situation.  Mr. Winston was pleased to hear that his driveway could absolutely be saved, along with the thousands of dollars it would cost for a new drive way. Tyler explained how our PolyLevelTM Injection system worked and what could be done to save the driveway.  Mr. Winston eagerly scheduled the work to be done. It was now up to Tommy and crew to bring this driveway back to life.  Tommy knew that he would first need to stabilize the concrete slab.  This meant filling all voids underneath the concrete left by water intrusion.  Then he would need to lift and level the parts of the driveway that had sank.  PolyLevelTM is the go-to system for these problems.  Our PolyLevelTM foam is injected under the slab, filling all voids and lifting them back into proper position. After this was done, it was time for protection from future damage.  This is done by first, filling in all joints and cracks with our NexusProTM joint and crack sealant.  NexusProTM diverts the water and keeps it from getting beneath the concrete to erode the soil.  Finally, our SealantProTM was applied to the surface of the concrete, providing ultimate protection from the elements. All three of these products combined makes up our 3 Part Concrete Protection System, which comes with a 5 year warranty against future damage. Mr. Winston was amazed by the results.  His demand for quality was met and he was quite impressed.  He can rest assured that his driveway is stable and protected.  We at Redeemers Group take great pride in providing each customer with the remarkable experience they deserve.   If you are having trouble with your concrete, foundation, crawlspace or basement, call or click today for a free, no-obligation inspection.
Rainfall made this crawl space dangerous and flooded
This customer knew that rain was a problem for her home, but until she asked Redeemers group, a local crawl space specialist, to come look, she did not know HOW much of a problem it really was.   The rainwater intrusion was very significant; it cause not only flooding in the crawl space, but also would lead to wood rot, which in turn was causing her floor joists, main beam and subfloor to fail.All hope was not lost, however. After our System Design Specialist diagnosed the problem, our Crawl Space team rolled out and install a sump pump, drainage system, and smart pipe to guard the crawl space against water getting into and staying in the crawl space. Then, we full encapsulated the crawl space, and installed a de-humidifier,  which meant we would stop moisture from getting into the air and rotting the wood in the crawl space!
Foundation Repair for Peace of Mind in Oxford, MS
Betty T. of Oxford, MS was frustrated with her concrete slab foundation issues.  Her home was only 2 years old when she began to experience foundation troubles.  Her home was built on uneven ground with tree roots and debris underneath the slab.  This meant failing soil, a settling foundation, a sunken room, and windows and doors that could not function.  The windows and doors were a major concern for Betty because of her daughter with special needs.  Betty needed reassurance that all doors and windows functioned properly in case of emergency. What’s worse?  She trusted another company to fix her foundation issues and this work, which was guaranteed, failed.  When she tried to get the company to honor the guarantee, she discovered that they are now out of business.  Luckily, she found Redeemers Group. Ryan, one of our Inspectors, went to visit Betty with two things in mind. First, he wanted to fully and permanently resolve her foundation issues and give Betty the peace of mind she deserved.  Next, he wanted to redefine Betty’s experience while dealing with a contractor and show her that honesty, integrity, and compassion still exist in our business.  After Ryan walked her through the solution and all processes involved, Betty agreed with the findings, and the work was set to begin. It was now up to Chet and his crew, who were tasked with handling this foundation project.  They installed our Push Pier system in order to stabilize the sinking room.  Not only was this the most effective solution, but it is also permanent.  Push Piers offer the much-needed stabilization without further disturbing the soil.  Along with the Push Piers, the crew used our PolyLevelTM system.  Injecting PolyLevelTM underneath the concrete works to fill voids and stabilize the foundation in places where piers cannot go.  PolyLevelTM was also used to level her concrete patio.   It is jobs like this that reinforce the Redeemers Group mission: to redefine.  Betty was let down by a few poor contractors who did subpar work and left her frightened about the well-being of her daughter.  We are proud to have been there for Betty and to make sure that her home is safe, and her foundation is secure.
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